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Google devices connect seamlessly, so you can download a movie on your tablet, pick up where you left off on your laptop, then send it to the big screen with Chromecast. Skip tracks on the album playing in your pocket just by tapping your watch, or take a selfie on your phone and edit instantly on your tablet. When all your devices work together, the possibilities are endless.

Play anytime

Pick up any device, and your music, docs, apps, and more will be there waiting. With your Google account, you can pick up your book, movie, or game right where you left off, even if you switch from phone to tablet. Plus, you can always access the millions of songs, movies, books, and apps on Google Play. It's your whole digital library, available anytime, anywhere.

stay connected

Google apps and devices work together to make life simpler with the right information at the right time. See who's calling, get directions, read your messages, and check your commute just by glancing at your watch. Set location-based reminders with Google Now and never forget the milk again. Ask a question, send an email, or set a reminder on any device with a simple "OK Google." Best of all, because your information syncs across all your devices, the directions you pull up on your laptop will be right there waiting on your phone.

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