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Entertainment Pre-Orders

Why should I pre-order a product? 

It’s convenient. 

Skip the lines at the store! You can go to work or go on vacation on release day knowing that your pre-order will be shipped right to your door.

It’s guaranteed.

Pre-ordering ensures that you’ll receive the hottest products as close to (but not before) the release date as possible.

Best Buy is proud to offer hundreds of items that can be ordered online or in-store before they are released such as video game titles, movies, mobile phones and more. Each item has a release date (usually determined by our suppliers), which represents the scheduled date on which the product is either available in our stores or to be shipped.

How do I pre-order an item on

  1. Add the item to your shopping cart.
  2. After you place your order and check out, you will receive an e-mail confirming your order and providing you with a reference number.
  3. Though a credit card is required to place a pre-order, it will not be charged until your item ships.

When will I receive my pre-ordered products?Once your pre-ordered title is available, you will be notified with an e-mail that it has been shipped. It should be delivered on or around the release date. Pre-ordered titles will not be delivered prior to the release date. Please note that if the release date of your pre-ordered items falls on or close to a holiday, there could be a brief shipping delay.

Why has my credit card been declined even though it’s still valid?Before you place your pre-order, please check that your credit card’s expiry date falls after the pre-order release date. You will be billed on the date that your item ships, so your card must remain valid past the release date.

How does in-store pre-ordering work?In addition to pre-ordering online, you can also visit any Best Buy store and pre-order your item (some exceptions apply). Most in-store pre-orders require a $10 deposit to secure your product. If you change your mind before the pre-order is released, don’t worry – we’ll refund your deposit!

Do you offer in-store pick up for pre-orders?Yes, but only for orders placed in-store. These items will be available for pick up in-store on or after the release date. Our inventory is stocked according to how many orders we receive, so you will be guaranteed to receive your order on, or shortly after, the release date. Please note: We do not offer Reserve and Pick Up for online pre-orders as we cannot guarantee that the items will be in stock at stores. Instead, these items will be conveniently shipped directly to the address provided in your online account information on, or shortly after, the release date.

Where can I view my pre-order items so I can cancel them?For items pre-ordered in-store, visit the customer service department of any Best Buy store and our friendly Blue Shirts will cancel your pre-order for you. For items that were ordered in-store, your deposit (if applicable) will also be refunded. Your pre-order receipt will be required to complete the transaction.

For items pre-ordered online, log into your account and view your “Order Status”. All pre-ordered items will be listed along with their expected release dates. If your item hasn’t been shipped, simply click on your order and follow the instructions to cancel it.

If your item has been shipped and you’ve been billed, please wait until your item has been delivered and then return it either in-store or through the mail. You can learn more about our easy return process here.

What pricing guarantees does Best Buy offer?Our Lowest Price Guarantee ensures that you get the best price on products you buy from Best Buy. If you find a lower advertised price on the same item, including those on the Internet, from an authorized Canadian dealer, we’ll beat that price by 10% of the difference.

Pre-Order Guarantee. Our Pre-Order Guarantee ensures that if the price of an item you pre-ordered drops before it ships, you will automatically be charged the lower price. It also ensures that if you pre-ordered your item at $49.99 and the price rises to $59.99, you still only pay $49.99.

My pre-order says that it comes with a credit towards a future purchase – what is this and how do I get it?It’s a promotion. By pre-ordering that particular item, we’re giving you a credit towards the purchase of another item. It’s our way of saying thanks!

If the pre-order includes a Reward Zone points offer, the Reward Zone points are awarded approximately 36 days after the pre-order product is shipped or picked up in-store. Reward Zone points are calculated from the final price paid on the release date of the product. For example, if you pre-ordered a video game at $59.99 and the release date price drops to $49.99, you will be charged $49.99 and the Reward Zone points will be calculated on the new $49.99 price.

Please note that promotional credits that are distributed online can only be redeemed online, and credits distributed in-store can only be redeemed in-store.

Credits are normally issued once the game or movie is released.

What happens if I purchased an online pre-order with a gift card and the price drops on my item?It is important to keep the gift card you used to purchase your pre-order until you receive your item. We can only refund the amount on the original gift card. In the event of any price drop activity, please call our customer service at 1-866-BEST BUY and we will be happy to refund the price difference to you.

What is the shipping and billing process?You will only be billed on the day that your item is shipped. A shipping notification will be sent to you to let you know your item is on its way.

We always do our best to get your pre-ordered items shipped to you as soon as possible via Canada Post. Depending on your location, you may receive your pre-order on, or shortly after, the release date. Please note: If the release date falls on or close to a holiday, there could be a brief delay in shipping.

What do I do if I still haven’t received my pre-order?

If you haven’t received your shipping notification and the release date has passed: Please call our customer service at 1-866-BEST BUY to find out when your pre-order will arrive. 

If you have received your shipping notification and the release date has passed: Please log into your account on to check the shipping status – your order may be waiting for you at your local post office. If your item isn’t at the post office, contact our customer service department at 1-866-BEST BUY to make a lost shipment claim and we’ll help you track it down. 

Please note: If the release date falls on or close to a holiday, there could be a brief delay in shipping.

Can I have more than one item on pre-order at a time?For in-store pre-orders, you can pre-order as many titles as you wish, but each one will be rung through the register as an individual transaction. This is to ensure that if you need to return the product, you will receive the correct amount back including the deposit (if you were required to pay one) that was credited towards the purchase.

For online orders, you can pre-order as many different titles as you wish on one transaction and each one will be delivered once it’s released. Keep in mind that when you place an order, there may be quantity restrictions on some products (e.g. you may see a message that reads “Limit per customer: 2” on the product page), which means you can only pre-order a certain amount of the same item.

Entertainment Pre-Orders

My pre-order says that it comes with a beta/early access code or additional downloadable content – what is this and how do I get it?A beta code is a promotional code provided by the video game studio to collect feedback on the game before it is released. Access to beta versions of games is usually limited to a certain time period before it becomes non-functional.

Downloadable content codes are game add-ons that are provided at the release date. These "DLC" codes can range from weaponry, costumes, characters, multiplayer maps, and more.

Beta and DLC codes are issued one of two ways: packaged with the game or emailed directly to you shortly after the release date. Check the original promotional text on the product information page to see how you will receive your code.

I didn't receive my code. What do I do? Please contact customer service at 1-866-BEST-BUY (237-8289).

Will I receive the promotional items that come with a video game title I pre-ordered in store? Unfortunately, promotional items cannot be automatically given to you if you’ve pre-ordered in-store as these are often only available in limited quantities and on a first-come, first-serve basis.

I'm ordering a SteelBook ™ online and I see that I'm being charged $0.01 for it. Why? This is done purely for tracking and internal purposes. $0.01 will be deduced from your game or movie to compensate.

What do I do if a limited edition version or a bonus gift becomes available for the same price after I pre-order?While we can’t automatically upgrade your pre-order to the limited edition or bonus gift version, you have the option of cancelling your first pre-order and ordering the limited edition or bonus gift version instead. Please keep in mind that these items are usually time-sensitive and available in limited quantities.

What Reward Zone benefits can I get from pre-ordering video game titles?From time to time, when you pre-order select video game titles, you could be eligible for bonus Reward Zone points. You may also be eligible to receive a discount on your pre-order purchase of select titles when you pre-order online at

Will I receive the promotional items that come with a video game title I pre-ordered in store?Unfortunately, promotional items cannot be automatically given to you if you’ve pre-ordered in-store as these are often only available in limited quantities and on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Please note: For pre-orders made using PayPal as the method of payment, it’s possible that the release date will occur after the expiration of the ‘order valid period’ set by PayPal. In these cases your order will be automatically cancelled and re-activated. You will receive additional confirmations via email.

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