What do your Inventory Status descriptions mean?

In Stock:

Usually ships next business day.

This is an estimate only and means that Best Buy will ship the product as soon as we confirm that stock is available and your order is processed. Free Large Item Deliveries like furniture should arrive 4-6 weeks after you place your order. We’ll call you to book a delivery time. More information.

Out of Stock:

Will ship when available.

The product you ordered is currently out of stock in Best Buy's warehouse. We are unable to obtain a precise date of availability from the manufacturer; however, we are trying our best to confirm availability dates. Best Buy will ship your product as soon as the stock is in and your order is processed.


Your order has been picked up by one of our shipping partners (usually Canada Post or Purolator) and is currently on its way or has already been delivered. If tracking is available then a tracking number will be provided in a shipping notice email or on the Order Details page.

Scheduled Delivery

Scheduled Delivery means that an item you’ve ordered requires Scheduled Delivery arrangements to be made. A Scheduled Delivery item will fall under one of two categories:

Local Delivery
If your delivery is local, you’ll receive an email after your order has been processed notifying you of a suggested delivery date.

Remote Delivery
If your delivery is remote, you’ll receive an email after your order has been processed notifying you that our home delivery carrier will be contacting you directly to schedule a delivery date.

You will know your item is scheduled for either remote or local delivery, because it will be listed in the subject line of your delivery notification email.

Click here for more information about Scheduled Delivery orders.


This product is scheduled to arrive in our warehouse on the release date.

Best Buy is proud to offer hundreds of items that can be ordered on our site before they are released by our record label, movie studio, video game and consumer electronics suppliers. Each item is assigned a release date, which represents the scheduled date on which the product is either available in our stores, or available to be shipped. These release dates are subject to change without notice. Best Buy will update these date changes as soon as they are made available. We usually receive the product, and ship pre-orders to customers 2-3 days after the release date.

Please note that if the release date of your pre-ordered items falls on or close to a holiday, there could be a brief shipping delay.

Learn more about pre-ordering here.

Gift Card Delivery:

Gift Cards will be shipped once we confirm your order details. This type of order usually ships from our facilities in 1-2 business days.
Please note that tracking may not be available for some Gift Card orders as they are sent via lettermail.
If you order a Best Buy eGift Card, it will be delivered via email or Facebook to your recipient on the date you choose when you order it.

Please note that availability displayed on our product pages may change after you have completed the checkout process, as it is during this time that our system obtains updated inventory levels for the product(s) you have selected. Availability displayed on our website is only an estimate, and is subject to change. Also note that packages will not be shipped on Saturdays or Sundays.

Checking Availability:

We ship inventory from a number of different locations across the country. This status means we’re sourcing inventory to be able to fulfil your order as fast as possible.

Available for Backorder

We've confirmed that stock is on its way to our warehouse and we'll ship it to you as soon as it arrives. After you place an order for an item that's available for backorder, we'll email you to let you know that the item is on backorder. We'll send you another email when the item leaves our warehouse. If you've ordered multiple items, we'll ship each of them to you separately as soon as they arrive at the warehouse at no extra cost to you.

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