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House of Marley products are crafted from mindfully sourced materials

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Chant Mini BT

Surround yourself with sound that moves you. This Bluetooth speaker offers bold sound and design for every setting, in a striking exterior featuring Rewind™ fabric, bamboo, and recyclable aluminum. With deep, rich sound and heavy bass response, the Chant keeps your soundtrack going strong.

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Chant Mini BT pictured above

No Bounds

Free your sound, free your soul. The No Bounds portable Bluetooth speaker features a rugged and durable construction crafted from a blend of sustainable materials, including REWIND fabric, REGRIND cork, and recyclable aluminum.Combined with its waterproof and dustproof design, this buoyant and clip-able speaker is a natural fit in any environment.

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No Bounds Sport

With 360 degrees of sound, the No Bounds Sport ensures clear audio no matter where you’re sitting. Made from a combination of sustainable REWIND fabric, REGRIND silicone, and recyclable aluminum, this portable Bluetooth speaker is waterproof, dustproof, and buoyant. A handy volume dial lets you quickly fine-tune the music with precision.

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No Bounds XL

Peak performance in a portable, waterproof, and dustproof design. The No Bounds XL delivers incredible sound and 16 hours of playtime, so you can jam out just about anywhere. Crafted from sustainable REWIND fabric, REGRIND cork, and recyclable aluminum, this speaker can also double as a speakerphone and backup power bank for your USB devices.

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Riddim BT

Grab your music and join the party. Constructed with bamboo, leather, organic cork and REWIND™ fabric, the Riddim BT allows you to pair 2 Riddim BT speakers together for stereo sound comes complete with a leather carrying strap, so you can move your soundtrack with ease. With 10 hours of playtime and an enhanced DSP that stacks up against the competition, it keeps you immersed in the music that moves you.

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Get Together Mini

Light up your day with vibrant sound that keeps everyone smiling. The Get Together Mini—a scaled-down version of the classic Get Together speaker—packs a lot into a small package, including the ability to pair 2 Get Together Mini speakers for stereo sound. Made with REWIND™ fabric, its bamboo face and choice of colours, delivers solid performance without sacrificing great-looking design.

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Get Together

Wirelessly stream music with the Get Together Bluetooth portable audio system. The built-in rechargeable battery, USB Port for reverse charging, and convenient 3.5mm input make it simple and easy to connect hundreds of devices and fire up your tunes whenever and wherever you need them. The exclusive REWIND™ fabric and natural bamboo front and back panels are beautiful and sustainable.

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Smile Jamaica

Get moving with your favorite melodies. The Smile Jamaica in-ear headphones offer solid construction with FSC™ Certified Wood and recyclable aluminum. Paired with vibrant colour choices, and noise-isolating design, you can rely on the comfort and deep, clear sound to keep you smiling day after day.

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Uplift 2

Streamline your look and turn up the sound. Built from an eye-catching mix of recyclable aluminum, and FSC™ Certified wood, the Uplift in-ear headphones look sharp and sound sweet. The in-line mic with a 3-button remote option for volume control, and durable, tangle-resistant cables add extra convenience.

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New state-of-the-art in-ear headphones designed for an ergonomic and comfortable fit. The zirconia ceramic housing and stainless steel trim create a jeweled aesthetic. Acoustically balanced with 6mm dynamic drivers that offer plenty of bass. There’s also a convenient in-line mic with a 3-button controller for premium sound control.

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Little Bird

Keep the music flowing and your feet moving. The Little Bird in-ear headphones are lightweight, colourful and mindfully made with REGRIND™ Silicone, and bio plastic. Their seriously comfortable fit lasts all day long, so you can stay immersed in the music from morning til midnight.

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Smile Jamaica Wireless

First in class and comfort, Smile Jamaica combines FSC™ Certified Wood, REGRIND™ Silicone, and recyclable aluminum housings to create an iconic Marley in-ear headphone that is available in a bounty of colours. With Bluetooth connectivity and 8 hour playback time, Smile Jamaica will deliver rich and full sound that brings you straight to the source. Go ahead, smile for me, Jamaica.

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Designed to fit your active lifestyle, the Uprise wireless in-ear Bluetooth headphones are crafted from a fusion of natural wood fibre, recycled PP composite, REGRIND silicone, and recyclable aluminum. They’re also water-resistant and sweatproof, so you’ll never miss a beat. The modular design includes customizable hanger and loop options.

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Uplift 2 BT

Move to your favourite tunes, no matter where your day takes you. The Uplift 2 BT wireless in-ear headphones offer Bluetooth connectivity and up to 10 hours of playtime — all woven into a streamlined design made from FSC™ Certified wood, recyclable aluminum, and medical grade silicone. They also feature an in-line mic and smartphone control.

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Delivering acoustic performance with the unique Marley look and feel created with REGRIND™ Silicone, and bio plastic, the clean design of the REBEL on-ear headphones is enhanced by a powerful 40mm driver, as well as an in-line microphone with a 1-button controller. Press play, and get ready.

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Rebel BT (Wireless)

Set yourself free with perfect wireless sound and portability crafted with REGRIND™ Silicone, and bio plastic. The Rebel BT on-ear headphones offer classic style, a convenient 1-button remote, and a fit so comfortable you could forget you’re wearing them—if the music didn’t sound so good! With 8 hours of continuous Bluetooth playing capability, you can keep the music flowing all day, cable-free.

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Positive Vibration 2 and
Positive Vibration 2 Wireless

Make an impression with style as vibrant as your music. Made with stainless steel, recyclable aluminum, and FSC™ Certified Wood, the Positive Vibration 2 on-ear headphones offer personality and rich sound. Available in both a wired and wireless version, their soft ear cushions and bright range of REWIND™ fabric choices will make them instant favourites.

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Buffalo Soldier BT (Wireless)

Be as bold as your music. Constructed with FSC™ Certified wood, stainless steel and leather, the Buffalo Soldier BT on-ear headphones offer an organic-meets-modern look and precise sound. With 16 hours of continuous Bluetooth playtime, they let you stay connected to the sounds that define you, all day long.

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Liberate XLBT (Wireless)

Dive deep into the music. These wireless Bluetooth wonders offer top-of-the line AptX and AAC technologies for unparalleled sound. Their unique mix of REWIND™ fabric, leather, and FSC™ Certified wood, topped off with a steel headband, give them a look as bold as their sound.

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Stir it up

This streamlined classic brings your vinyl to life with the gorgeous sound it deserves. Crafted with Bamboo, recyclable aluminum, REGRIND™ Silcone and REWIND™ fabric. Built-in pre-amp or phono out allows for easy and simple connection to any House of Marley speaker. Along with a 3.5mm auxiliary input for when the music is for private listening and a built-in USB port for PC connection, the Stir it Up turnable is sure to turn ears and heads.

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Superior Sound. Sustainably Crafted.

The House of Marley story begins with reggae icon Bob Marley. One of the best-selling musical artists of all time, he used his fame to not only inspire millions of music-lovers but also to advocate for change. House of Marley was born from the passion of the Marley family to carry on his legacy, sharing Bob’s vision of universal love, music, and profound respect for nature and life.

At House of Marley our mission is to create a better world through a shared love of music, a commitment to giving back to our communities and the creation of earth friendly, socially responsible products. Every product in our lineup is designed, engineered and manufactured around these defining principles.

We believe music should be felt, not just heard. Every speaker and headphone is designed to meet the expectations of a music legend, and bring out the detail in your music, with all the artist’s intended energy and emotion intact.

We believe materials matter. House of Marley products are crafted from mindfully sourced materials. This unique approach makes House of Marley products instantly recognizable and characterizing them with a warmth missing from typical audio gear.

Fulfilling our desire to give back, a percentage of our sales go towards supporting reforestry through To date project marley has planted over 25,000 trees.

Materials Matter

Project Marley

Marley Legacy

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