Jurassic World

When a program of genetic manipulation of pre-historic monster DNA is combined with a luxury theme park filled with thousands of tasty guests, is the resultant chaos truly unexpected? After nearly a decade and a half of anticipation since the third Jurassic Park film, fan excitement and expectations were finally met this summer with the release of Jurassic World. Things may have gone horribly wrong here, and yet they didn’t—the film was fantastic! Jurassic World is a mind-blowing cinematic experience filled with non-stop action and pulse-pounding adventure. When it all goes awry, our only hope lies with wily Animal Behaviourist, Owen Grady, and his highly unconventional team.

Exclusive Movie Gift Sets

If you saw Jurassic World in theaters, then you know just how awesome it is. It’s not merely a movie that you might one day choose to purchase on Blue ray or DVD. This is truly a must own film! And that’s where Best Buy’s exclusive movie gift sets come in. Choose between the Jurassic World Limited Edition Blu-Ray Combo Gift Set (With T-Shirt) and the Jurassic World Limited Edition 3D Blu-Ray Combo Gift Set (With 2 Collectible Dinosaurs).

LEGO Jurassic World Video Game

For video game enthusiasts, there’s the LEGO Jurassic World Video Game. Visit Isla Nublar & Isla Sorna for yourself and experience key events from all four Jurassic Park films. You can even collect dinosaur DNA and genetically engineer your very own customized species—just like those wacky mad scientists in the films! Or, choose to play the game as one of the featured Dinos from the films. It’s all up to you! The LEGO Jurassic World Video Game is available for a wide variety of gaming platforms, including the PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U.

Jurassic World Toys & Other Fun Merchandise

Among the other cool Jurassic World products that are currently available is the LEGO Dimensions Jurassic World Team Pack. This set specifically features characters from the Jurassic World film, though now they’re part of a larger story in which key LEGO characters from various licensed brands (Batman, Lord of the Rings, etc.) come together to battle a common enemy. Their objective: To save the LEGO universe! Equally awesome is the Jurassic World Zoomer Dino Indominus Rex. This interactive robotic toy looks, sounds, and acts as realistic as its monstrous film counterpart. It’s as fun as it is scary!

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