Nest Smart Home

Nest's thermostats, temperature sensor, video doorbell, smart lock, security cameras, and smoke and CO alarms put control over your home in the palm of your hand.

Nest Thermostats & Sensor

Smart ways to save energy and money

A home's heating and cooling system consumes about half of your energy bill, more than anything else in the house. With the Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Thermostat E it's easy to reduce your energy usage, which is good for both your wallet and the planet.

Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat makes it easy to maximize your energy savings with minimal effort. The Auto-Schedule feature figures out what temperature levels you prefer and programs itself accordingly. The Farsight feature makes the large, beautiful display light up and display the time, temperature, or weather when it detects you entering the room.

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Nest Thermostat E

Featuring a simple, attractive design, the Nest Thermostat E is an easy-to-use thermostat that helps you save energy all year long. The Nest app on your phone provides access to features such as Home/Away Assist, which automatically turns the temperature down when you're out of the house.* You can also start with a basic schedule, then adjust it based on your preferences.

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* Remote control and mobile notifications require working internet and Wi-Fi.

Nest Temperature Sensor

The right temperature, every time

In most homes, there are some rooms that always have different temperatures. Maybe the living room gets too warm or the baby’s room is too cold. You can use the Nest Temperature Sensor to let your Nest thermostat know what temperature a certain room should be at any particular time of day so it always feels just right.*

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* The Nest Temperature Sensor requires the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat or the Nest Thermostat E.

Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Know Who's Knocking

The camera-equipped Nest Hello lets you know who's outside your door, so you'll never miss a package or visitor. It can differentiate between people and objects, and it'll send you alerts even if nobody rings the bell. HD Talk and Listen lets you hear everything loud and clear, and with a Nest Aware subscription the Nest Hello can identify people you already know. The camera captures a bigger picture, letting you see packages on the ground and people from head to toe. Since it's wired, Nest Hello streams 24/7 and allows you to check in anytime.*

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* Some features, including mobile notifications, remote control, video streaming, and video recording, require internet and Wi-Fi.

Nest x Yale Lock

Simple Security

The Nest x Yale Lock is a secure, tamper-proof smart lock. It doesn't use keys, so you can lock and unlock the door from anywhere through the Nest app.* Enjoy the convenience of giving people you trust a passcode and receive alerts when they come and go. Plus, you can lock the door with a tap and if you forget, the Nest x Yale Lock will remind you.

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* Some features, including mobile alerts, remote control and custom schedules, require the Nest app, working internet and Wi-Fi, and Nest Connect.

Nest Security Cameras

Keep an eye on what matters most

Nest Cam security cameras provide crystal-clear, HD imagery you can access on your phone 24/7, and send you alerts when they detect someone nearby.* Sign up for a Nest Aware subscription and you'll get additional features like 30 days of cloud recording and Activity Zones for important areas like cribs and windows.

* Some features, including mobile notifications, remote control,
video streaming and video recording, require working internet and Wi-Fi.

Nest Indoor Cameras

Peace of mind at home

The Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam IQ indoor help you keep an eye on your home and family, even if you're not there. The Nest Cam Indoor automatically alerts you when it detects motion or conspicuous sounds like a breaking window. The Nest Cam IQ indoor takes it to another level with facial recognition and built-in Google Assistant for easy voice commands.

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Nest Outdoor Cameras

24/7 security, rain or shine

With the Nest Cam Outdoor you'll receive alerts when something looks or sounds suspicious. You can even speak through the camera to scare off intruders. The Nest Cam IQ outdoor includes additional features like facial recognition and incredibly sharp Supersight visuals. Both cameras are weatherproof and tamper-resistant.

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Nest Aware

Never miss a thing

Sign up for a Nest Aware subscription* and you can add up to 30 days of 24/7 video to your Nest Cam. It also provides alerts if it hears someone talking, creates Activity Zones around areas you want to keep an eye on, and lets you share clips and time-lapse videos.

* Use the Nest app or visit the Nest Store online to purchase a Nest Aware subscription.

  • Video history

    24/7 cloud recording (up to 30 days)

  • Intelligent alerts

    Notifications can recognize familiar faces from strangers

  • Activity zones

    Highlight important areas like cribs or windows and get special alerts

  • Clips

    Create and share clips and time-lapse videos

Nest Smoke + CO Alarm

Nest Protect

A smarter smoke and CO Alarm

As something that can potentially save your life, the Nest Protect includes smart features you'll really appreciate. It can detect carbon monoxide (CO) and tell the difference between smoke and steam. If you have Nest Protects in multiple rooms they can tell you which room smoke is coming from. And like all other Nest products, it can be controlled through the Nest app on your phone.

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Nest Pathlight

Lights your way

Pathlight is one of the most popular features in the Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. If you get out of bed to go to the bathroom or look for a snack, Pathlight automatically illuminates your path as you pass underneath it.

Nest App: One App for Many Devices

All Nest products work with the Nest app, providing a smooth, seamless experience in one place. Whether you're checking your security feed, speaking with the delivery person outside your door, or changing the thermostat temperature before you head home, the Nest app can handle it all.

Works with Nest: Create a better smart home experience

Nest does more than just create smart products – they've also established the Works with Nest standard. A large variety of smart home products from other manufacturers, like Philips Hue lights or Wemo switches, are compatible with the Nest ecosystem. That means they all work together seamlessly and let you enjoy a smarter home.

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