No Man's Sky (PlayStation 4)

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Explore an infinite universe full of undiscovered planets and lifeforms in No Man's Sky for PlayStation 4. Procedurally generated as you play, this massive online exploration game features no loading screens and is teeming with more than 18 quintillion planet-sized worlds that have never been visited -- not even by the game's developers.

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An infinite, entirely unexplored space-frontier

  • Navigate a procedurally generated galaxy bursting with more than 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets that have never been visited by another human being -- not even the game's developers
  • Experience entirely seamless gameplay -- with no loading screens -- as you zip from the dark depths of outer space down to the surfaces of mysterious planets

Discover incredible new worlds and make them your own

  • Make your mark in this massive online universe by discovering entire worlds and assigning each new planet a name that will live forever, becoming a permanent reference point in the universe for all other players
  • Encounter strange new animal and plant species, naming each of these first-time discoveries just as you can name newfound planets
  • Each planet, animal, and plant species you discover and name is forever linked to your PSN (PlayStation Network) ID; so in years to come when another online player visits the planet you first set foot on, they’ll know it was you who discovered it

Forge your own destiny, your own way, at your own pace

  • Go where you want to go and play how you want to play; be a frontier trader, trigger-happy space fighter, steadfast resource miner, swashbuckling space pirate, intrepid bounty hunter, or just an old-fashioned explorer, intent on seeing as much of the universe as possible
  • Interact with both friendly and hostile alien species, trading resources where your presence is welcome and engaging in spectacular dog fights when necessary
  • Join one of the large factions that drape across the galaxy and help it fight for more power; or take up bounties for different factions at different times, flirting with disaster at every turn

A mystery at the centre of the galaxy -- will it draw you in?

  • Within this stunning, limitless sandbox there's a pulse coming from the centre of the galaxy; follow the mystery signal to discover the true nature of the cosmos, or flatly ignore it and intrepidly go your own way
  • Throughout your explorations you'll need to accumulate resources that you can use to upgrade your ship, suit, and weapons

ESRB Rating: T - Teen

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  • from Noranda, QC

Bon jeu d'exploration spatiale

NMS, un excellent jeu laid back d'exploration spatiale.

  • from Vancouver, BC

I love this game

Yes it's pretty brutal at the beginning, but this game brings you on mysterious worlds and offers you amazing opportunities to explore. It might not be for everyone, but I am the type that enjoys slow progression and ressource gathering. Also, this game is challenging, and we get amazing updates to it.

  • from Toronto

no man's sky

just awful

  • from Hamilton, Ontario

Cool idea, poor game

Awesome idea, horrible execution. 18 quintillion planets, and enough content that you're bored by the 5th planet. It's the same, boring, rng based content on every single planet. It starts out cool but when you realize this idea would have been better suited to a single star system instead of a galaxy, there's no point in continuing. Don't buy this. You will not enjoy it in the long run.

  • from Edmonton

Everything I expected

The game has received harsh criticism due to sonys marketing of it and people not understanding what the game is actually about. Exploration and discovery is the point of this game. With more planets then you could explore in your entire life, this game delivers a experiencebl like nothing else. If you're looking for space combat and a game like destiny, you won't like it.

  • from Ajax, On

Not the game promised

This game was all hype and the game itself is, frankly, a giant heap of dung. There are so many other games to spend your money on, don't waste your time on this one.

  • from Yup


Seems a little butt hurt....lmao XBOX fan boy mad cause Sony is out selling 3-1

  • from New brunswick


Yeah it is big, but that is all it has going for it. Really lacking All the glod reviews on here were written beforw the game was released

  • from London, ON

You could buy 5 great indie games at this price instead of the garbage you get here.

Sean Murray = Peter Molyneux 2.0 #ByeFelicia

  • from Burlington, ON

Falsely Advertised

There are long lists detailing the lies if you Google "No Man's Lies". The five star reviews here seem to have been written before the game came out. I bought it, uninstalled it, asked for a refund, and was refused. BUYER BEWARE !

  • from Kitchener, ON


This is an indie game that charges full price. Nothing that was promised in this game was delivered. If you bought the digital copy from steam they are offering a full refund regardless of playing time, all others should follow suit. Do your homework and stay away from this pile of garbage. This game looks like it was developed on a atari 2600 and produced on a commodore 64. Total waste. I was unable to give this game a lower score than 1 star or I would have.

  • from Ottawa, ON

Biggest deception ever

While the creators proposed a brand new type of game where everything and every experience is single, the game generic engine falls short of creating anything but a very generic experience. Every planet, alien, and space stations feel exactly the same. The fight system is almost non existent, as any other political system. This is one of the worst game ever created.

  • from Toronto, ON

No content, boring game.

Game contains a ton of planets to explore. Problem is they're all essentially the same and the few variants you find quickly start repeating themselves with only minor differences. All you do is land on the planet and shoot rocks to get resources so you can fly to the next planet. There are better games for your money.

  • from Saint-Hubert, Quebec

Terrible game.

Do not waste your money.

  • from Vancouver, BC

Not worth it

I managed to avoid the hype surrounding this game, and so my expectations going in were somewhat realistic. The premise of 187 quintillion worlds to explore is indeed an astounding feat for a game. Once that wears off though, and you're actually moving through all these worlds, you soon realize that it's so repetitive there might as well be a dozen worlds. While the game can somewhat entertaining to pass the time, there is no reason I can see that they charged the full price tag for this out of the gate. My advice would be to pick it up once the price drops to at least half the launch price. Maybe a little less.

  • from Toronto, ON

Like the first Assassins Creed, but in space.

I know it's a bit of a stretch with this one but hang with me for a few. To say it's a lot like the Ubisoft franchise about going back it time is a good chew but makes a bit of sense. If only partially. You wake up in a mostly hostile environment(Some starts are better than others). You've crashed hard and your suit is giving you a few choice warnings about fixing things before you keel over. You go around with your little laser and start breaking down objects for the components necessary for fixing yourself up. You get your landing gear set up, find some good old plutonium and off you go to find your next task. Getting together the plans to get not only off the rock you start on, but onto the next solar system. Before you even get past the first part you're gonna see a mysterious object called the Atlas. It wants you to get to the center of the universe. It's also a questionable part of the game's backstory. During your adventure, you'll comes across the Korvax Singularity, the Gek and the Vy'keen. All with varied cultural mannerisms fitting to some classic genre tropes. The disconnected robot, the sly trader, and the bold warrior. One of the problems is a lack of disconnect between the actions of the main game of trying to get from point A to B and the flavor text as you learn about the peoples you meet. You might see a bit here and there but you gotta go out of your way to hear about their languages and cultures. It's easily something massive if you're wanting something of that scale. If you want a short and quick game with a satisfying story this might not be what you're looking for.

  • from Montréal, QC

No Man's Lie

Worth [price] maximum. The infinite worlds are only a couple modifications away from the first planet you saw. Same for flora, fauna and solar systems (wich are actually NOT solar systems, they don't have suns) Does not contain half of what Hello Games promised the game would be. No Man's Lie.

  • from Surrey, BC

No Man's Lie

game was not what was promised, very mediocre

  • from Toronto, ON

One big lie

Garbage garbage game!!! all the promised features are not there. It's a one big lie. Wish I could give negative stars

  • from Toronto, ON

Don't Buy

Truly the most over-rated game in a while. Very Boring, waste of time. Spend your money somewhere else.

  • from Milton, ON

Games is good... for the first 2 hours...

I will be different then the below comments/reviewers as I have purchased and played the game. No Man's Sky does set the bar high with the size of the game itself (with the 18 Quintilian planets) but the unfortunate part is after a while, they all feel the same. The game gives you little to no information as to where to go and what to do. You truly are an explorer. The games visuals are stunning, but it still feels like it could be better. As of the time of this review, Hello Games has released 3 updates which would fix 90% of the bugs in the game. unfortunately when you release a game there shouldn't be any bugs at all. Multiplayer was promised but was never delivered. Maybe this will be in a future update. If I knew then what I know now, I would not have purchased the game. This game is basically Minecraft for adults without the ability to craft buildings - Only mine, sell and create objects to restore power so you can mine more and sell more.

  • from Toronto, ON

Amazing looking game but can be boring

No Man's Sky is a survival game. There's a lot of mining for resources, trading, crafting, travelling involved in getting you from galaxy to galaxy. And eventually to the centre of the universe which is the main objective. This can become very mundane after a while but once you start getting deeper in the universe, it can also be very addictive. The graphics are beautiful, the menus are easy to navigate, the gameplay is good. I would recommend this game if you enjoy games like Minecraft or you enjoy survival games or if you just enjoy a new experience

  • from Toronto, ON

If I could give ZERO stars it would be too many

This game is not at all what the developer showed to us. The gameplay trailers show features that are not in the game. The gameplay is weak and repetitive. Would not recommend buying this game.

  • from Markham, ON

Not worth the $80

Gets kind of boring a repetitve after a few hours. Wait until it's cheaper.

  • from Burnaby, BC

An interesting disappointment

I am over 20 hours into the game. it's cool to explore uncharted worlds. It's not cool how similar so many of the plants and creatures are with sometime only tiny differences between them. There is no multiplayer, you can't survive long underwater, you spend endless hours walking, and for some strange reason the same resource flowers grow on every planet. Nevermind the absence of any reasonable physics engine. You jump the same on every planet eh? Really. When you mine a huge lump of gold that just happens to be sitting on the ground, fragments of it just remain hanging in the air, held up by the invisible strings of poor programming. Really. I like the game, but it's a huge disappointment. Bottom line, don't buy this game...yet. After the next few patches and possible DLC are released read the reviews and reconsider.

  • from Alberta

Fun to play for a while

I pre-ordered because I was going to be out of town. Should of got it Tuesday as promised. Didn't get it until Friday. So the delivery sucked, but it did show up in 1 piece...... 4 days later.

  • from Sidney, BC

Sub par.

For the really high price I expected so much more such as multiplayer which is yet to be released. All you really do is wander around from planet to planet scanning and naming things. When they said you could do so much I had hoped that meant more than wandering around aimlessly. I'm pretty unsatisfied with this game.

  • from Montreal, QC

So many worlds...not enough time!

So far have been loving this game. Don't think I'll visit the entire No Man's Sky universe but having a blast trying!

  • from Belleville, ON

Exploration at its Best

Being an very old school gamer, I have seen and play many different games. This one is definitely one of my top 5. It allows me to game how ever I wish, Adventurer, Explorer, even Piracy. The sheer size of this game, dwarfs any compition. I know I have "lightyears" of enjoyment ahead of me, pardon the pun. Cheers Hello Games and Thank you very much for this Odyssey. Also Thank you Bestbuy for the Pre-order ability, well worth the 2 year wait!

  • from Laval

Great screensaver

This game is as interesting as your imagination. It has the same effect as a cool screensaver. The game is okay if you enjoy it as a means to relax, but bear in mind it's gameplay is very much stale and outdated. That being said, No Man's Sky comes nowhere close to delivering on a slew of its advertised gameplay mechanics, like real-time planet rotation, limited multiplayer, and in-game factions to name just a few. It's only real hook is its unprecedented size of its same-ish looking universe. 2 stars.

  • from Toronto, ON


Whats with all the reviews before actually playing the game? Best Buy needs to change the rating system. Only a verified buyer with receipt number from store purchase or online purchase should be allowed to rate products.

  • from Ontario

All these 1 and 5 star reviews are bogus! But then again, so is everything higher than 3

Both 1 star and 5 star reviews are bs fanboys.. Ones saying it's the holy Grail just because they can't take that Sony is on the decline, and it's all about PC and Xbox One now, and people are jumpin in like salmon mating season, as they wait for that Scorpio. And we got the xbots up in here like "Haa, I told you so! ". "#BAM! ".... Be respectful to these ponies. .. it's not their fault they got tricked into buying a PS4... look at all the PS4 deals of everyone selling their dusty paper weights. So what if we got the better box of the two, and has so much to give, but how about we show them what we got to give as well, and help them find their way to the promise land instead of making them endure in shame and silence over Sony's broken promises year after year.... They are to blame and so is that No Man Sky Creator for hyping this crap like if the worlds are so realistic, but just a bunch of nonsense filler bs....... 1 damn alien sitting in a room that looks exactly the the room on the planet before, the kind of game that is great for hype, because you see an hour game play and your brain exploads to think of all the possibilities, but no.... You saw it all..... Just that... Over and over and over...... And yea.... Don't believe the hype.. You will never run into any one, because it's not possible... Everything is randomly generated.... As much as they say "it's not random.".... Maybe not 100 percent, but at least 99 percent of it is!". It's just a fancy minecraft rip off crossed with Destiny..... Instead of a pickaxe, u have this laser beam gun.... No matter where u land, there will be a trading station... Very convenient, eh? Too convenient I'f you ask me... Or do you not want people to fly around the world and notice how crappy it jams up and can't keep up loading textures? I saw this coming.... Why didn't you? NMS was on Xbox, it would definitely be multiplayer... No questions asked..... The guy picked the perfect title for the game, gotta give him that..... Cuz 3 weeks from now. That's exactly what it gonna be.... I bet it's gonna set records for the most returned game ever...

  • from Langley, BC

Absolutely amazing

My son and I don't often game together, but we waited for this one for years and it was 100% worth the wait. I hate to say that he's learning while he's playing, but between mining for minerals and learning what can happen when you jump into a black hole, I can't say it hasn't been educational. It's incredibly fun.

  • from


I am very excited to play this game tomorrow, like everyone else (probably)

  • from Quebec

No man's sky

This game will be the only one I play for at least the next 3 months

  • from Vancouver, BC

Could set a new standard for exploration.

The key will be if the gameplay makes the game enjoyable to keep playing. I'm really excited about the true exploration nature of this universe. But there really hasn't been much info on the gameplay. Definitely some interesting things they can/should/will do for sharing the exploration with friends. However, there doesn't seem to be too much of a community, only limited sharing of your discoveries. It would be cool to see more factions/alliances or something similar. The scale is ludicrous. 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets to visit. What does that (roughly) translate into? 1) At one second per planet = 584,942,417,355 years of 100% of your time to visit them all. 2) 40 million PS4 owners = 461,168,601,843 unique planets each. 3) If all 40 million PS4 owners work together at 1 second per planet = 14,624 years to visit them all. 3) Earth's global average life expectancy is 71 years = 206 generations to visit all the planets (considering 40 million active players exploring the universe 100% of the time for only 1 second each with no overlap).

  • from Sherbrooke, QC

Best New Game!

Game comes out in a couple months and I just can NOT wait. Promises from before info dumps on the game were perfect. After info dumps, the game has only gotten perfecter!

  • from Halifax, NS

No Man's Sky

You're Charles Darwin/Flash Gordon how can you not want that? Flying to weird new worlds, discovering new species, carving up trees and rocks to discover compounds to use as rocket fuel, or perhaps to sell on the local markets. All the while trying to get to the center of the Galaxy to find out what's making this game tick and maybe solve a bigger overarching mystery of what the Atlas is..

  • from Kelowna, BC


This game has 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets to explore (for real). If you spent 1 second on each planet, it would take you 1 billion years to visit them all. I don't know how anyone couldn't give this game a 5-star rating. I can't wait for it to come out!

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