Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid (R001FCA) - Bilingual

  • Model #: R001FCA
  • Web Code: 10382525
  • Release Date: 09-04-2015
Save: $30
Sold and shipped by: Best Buy
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This is the droid you're looking for. Meet BB-8, the app-enabled droid whose movements and personality are as authentic as they are advanced. Based on your interactions, BB-8 will show a range of expressions and perk up when you give voice commands. Watch your Droid explore autonomously, guide BB-8 yourself, or create and view holographic recordings.

More Information

  • Authentic movement: guide your BB-8 with a smartphone or tablet
  • Listens and responds: BB-8 recognizes and reacts to your voice
  • Holographic communication: record and view virtual holographic videos with BB-8
  • Autonomous behaviour: BB-8 has a mind of its own - explore the Star Wars galaxy together
  • Adaptive personality: your BB-8’s unique attitude and actions evolve as you interact
  • This product contains bilingual packaging

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • Parts - 1 Year(s)



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  • from Burnaby, BC

Lasted a year and a half

My BB8 lasted a year and a half from when I bought it. It goes from a full charge to empty now in under a minute, I contacted the sphero support and they told me that it is not possible to replace the battery. Of course this happened right after the warranty was up. I paid quite a bit more money than what it costs now and expected this to last a few years at least. If I had known what the lifespan was I would have saved my money and bought a BB8 figurine instead, since that's what I ended up with.

  • from Ashern


BB-8 Works great and the price paid was terrific!

  • from Listowel, ON

Neat Little Toy

Haven't had much time to try it out. Got it for my son for Christmas. Was very excited to try it out but wouldn't connect to his tablet or ipod that he has. Had to set it up to my phone which is not helpful for him to be able to use it when ever he wants.

  • from Toronto,ON

I am conflicted about BB8. I am not sure what to think

I got this toy because I saw some commercial on TV and they were awesome. So here are my thoughts. Lets start with negatives. 1. BB-8 sounds comes through smartphone or tablet 2. Holographic feature is a gimmick It is all done again through the phone. 3. To operate BB-8 in any more phone app needs to be running. 4. To give BB-8 commands you need to do it through phone. 5. Carpet lint gets into wheels so its head needs frequent cleaning 6. BB-8 does not do a lot. you can either control it or it is in patrol mode 7. I think price is overkill for it imo. Now the positives 1. BB-8 is extremely cute. I mean it. it is fun to watch this little thing explore the room. Shake its head and make noises. It really feels like BB8 had its own mind. BB-8 is definitely learning. 2. Did i say BB-8 is cute... 3. Did i mention BB-8 is cute... 4. Yes BB-8 only but big advantage is that it is cute... Bottom line is that its cuteness outweighs its many disadvantages. I just wish Sphero made it more interactive by putting camera and a speaker in it. If you are looking for artificial pet like commercials would want you to believe you will probably be disappointed. Kids and animals will love BB-8.

  • from Cambridge, ON

Stopped Working

Bought this at Xmas for my daughter. Worked great for a month. Now it will not connect to my phone. I contacted support. I will have to send it in to get replaced.

  • from Calgary, AB

Fun Little Toy

A little hard to control at first but my favorite thing is that you can put BB-8 on auto mode and watch him purposely run into the computer desk then back up and roll into the fridge. The droid seems to know that it has run into an object and backs up accordingly only to randomly roll in another direction. Good on hard floors, bad on carpets. Pretty sturdy build since it's probably made for rolling into hard objects. If your floor isn't already kinda clean like ours, make sure you clean the robot and the wheels under the head after use since stuff can get under there easily and that might effect how well his head stays on when it's running into things. When not in use, BB-8 makes a very nice desk decoration. I wished his beeping noises came from the toy itself, but perhaps in a more updated model? It's a super cool toy to have anyways!

  • from Aldergrove, BC

The most fun you'll have!

Touchy controls, but overall a lot of fun. You'll need a good flat space, though. Remember to clean it too! As fun as it is to witness your pets' reactions, this one picks up hair and dust VERY easily. Great gift for any big Star Wars fan in your life!

  • from Woodstock, On

Does not work with any of my android devices

I got this xmas day, and it arrived on the 30th, I waited to open the device until today (Jan 16th) not until then did I find I cannot install the app on any of my android devices (samsung galaxy S3, tab 2, etc) of course it is now a few days passed the return time so the item is now an expensive paperweight. I do not recommend this item. If you do buy one, try to install the app on your device from the play store BEFORE you buy it or open it.

  • from Coquitlam, BC

This really IS the 'droid you're looking for!

A wonderful little collectible! I echo what others have said: the in-box instructions are lacking and I had to go online to activate him. BB-8 has less functionality that other Sphero products, but the sounds he makes as he explores give him a personality other Sphero products lack. He’s cute, and very curious about exploring his new home. I bought him as a birthday present for my wife, and she absolutely loves him! You do need to keep your floors very clean, as he loves to go under our couches and into hard-to-clean spaces, which gunks up the rollers on his head. His head only rarely pops off. Hopefully, Sphero releases new firmware to give him a level of functionality to match their other products (I suspect Disney insisted on a degree of black-boxing). If so, I would give this a 5-star rating. As is, I rate BB-8 4/5. BB-8 is a great little toy: expressive, fun to play with, and very durable! Worth the [price] plus tax I paid for him!

  • from Calgary, AB

First impression lasts

For my first impression, I will give 5 stars because the product arrive earlier than what Ive expected and my boyfriends likes it alot.

  • from Vancouver, BC

So much fun!

This is a great little toy. Fun to watch it move and explore, and when it understands the voice commands (not always for me) it's fun to talk to it and have it respond. I did have trouble figuring out the instructions though - what's in the box didn't help. I had to go online and find the question/answer forum, which I kind of stumbled on. But that answered everything and no problems from there. I do wish the sounds came from the droid itself instead of the phone, and I wish it could do more through voice commands - apparently sphero might add more voice commands in the future. The head popping off when it slams into something can be annoying but that doesn't happen too often (especially if I'm driving it myself rather than putting it on explore). I do find myself vacuuming before using it to ensure it doesn't pick up a lot of dirt off the floor! Overall, though, it's a great toy and wows everyone when they see it. Makes me hungry for a real robot! ps. My cat loves it too.

  • from Richmond, BC

beautifully made

it's definitely well made, the box and the design the material used, not fro children, more suited for collectors.

  • from Mississauga, ON


Received product quickly. BB 8 is well protected with strong beautifully designed packaging ( worth to save). App is easy to download and use. People on You Tube are helpful, if you need help. BB 8 is well thought out robotic toy. The size is perfect. The picture makes it look bigger. A lot of fun. Thank You SPHERO.

  • from Victoria, BC

Neat idea.. but not without major flaws

I purchased my BB-8 and was really impressed with how interactive it is and how attached you actually get to it.. it's almost like this little guy has it's own personality! The toy is solidly build and he looks great sitting on the charging stand when not in use - a true collector's item! His head does pop off occasionally if he rolls into a wall but is easily reattached and seems durable as well. The wheels on the head do get gummed up with stuff from the floor pretty easily; especially if you have pets. It is not TOO difficult to clean and doesn't affect the way the toy operates. The app which is used to operate BB-8 is very straight forward and easy to use. I have a Samsung S6 Edge and was able to pair my BB-8 with it seamlessly.. no issues with the app at all! Here's where it gets bad... day 2 of owning it, BB-8 would no longer charge, the light on the charging dock blinked and never went solid like it's supposed to when fully charged. I tried my USB on my laptop, USB 3 on my PC and finally an outlet.. none ever got him to charge fully again. There is a reset on the side of the charging dock, I reset the dock and left BB-8 charging overnight and found the light still blinking in the morning. He turned red as soon as I tried to use him (indicating no battery life).

  • from Leamington, ON

Fun Little-Big-Kids Toy

Works well on our carpet and laminate floors (a high pile shag carpet wouldn't work for this little guy). No complaints after our first week.

  • from Toronto, ON

Great little robot

Super cute and intuitive, really ticks off my dog... but maybe one day they will be friends. Works well and is very easy to use. I could see the wheels that move the head getting dusty in the future and give limited head mobility, but we will see if that happens.

  • from Toronto, ON


Coolest robot

  • from Victoria, BC

is it really a sphere?

It follows me around my house constantly. Make a good Xmas Gift.

  • from Brantford

I love my BB8

I just watched star wars the force awakens yesterday. I knew this morning I needed this Droid in my life lol my husband bought it for me and said it was my Christmas gift. My kids absolutely love it and it is an amazing gift for any nerd. Way better than Hasbro bb8! Controls are very easy to use and looks life like. Worth every penny!

  • from Mississauga, ON

Fun toy that will keep you busy for hours!

This toy can do a lot of things and the best thing is it can learn and also be updated with new software patches.

  • from Vancouver, BC

Pure Awesomeness

Best Robot Ever

  • from Waterloo, ON

The Droid I Always Wanted

I waited for months for this to be launched, and when it was released September 4th I got one right away. At first I was annoyed with the lack of compatible Android devices, but Sphero has since fixed this. Though the app does require certain hardware on your device, mainly a gyroscope feature, so be sure to research compatibility before purchasing. All-in-all, BB-8 is extremely entertaining for all ages. Kids love it, cats love it, and I can't get enough of it. Sphero keeps releasing new features which is great, and I expect a lot more to come. The droid itself works great. The batteries only last an hour, but that is more then enough time to enjoy it. Charging takes 3-4 hours as well. The controls are great, and the "Patrol Mode" is the best feature where BB-8 runs around on its own. When the antennae on BB-8's head broke off, Sphero promptly sent me a new one and have been great with working out the kinks. Overall, Sphero has created a fantastic product and offer amazing support. Of all the Star Wars items I own, BB-8 may just be my new favourite.

  • from Edmonton, AB

Best on iOS, lesser on Android

It's a great little toy! The Good: - Works well - BB-8 itself functions properly The Bad (All based on the current App for BB-8 Sphero): - Features work on iOS mostly - Android lacks some things that iOS app has. Fortunately, the drive functions and basic movement functions are fine. The Ugly: - Sphero support is exceptionally untrained, not knowledgeable. I had a ticket where they'd rather have me return for a refund than actually fix issues or pass onto developers about fixing the app. Overall: - I recommend this to others, even if you have Android. It's only a matter of time (hopefully) until the Android app is fixed up. It works perfectly fine on iOS. I have seen other reviews, including ones on the app store where people have trouble with it, I am almost certain that it's a user issue and nothing to do with the product, unless they are the things I mentioned above.

  • from Waterloo, ON

Loads of fun

I got the BB8 to entertain my cat (seriously!) and it did not work that well. However, every adult human being who has seen it has been charmed by the features of the BB8. My nephews love to play with it and use my phone as the console...amazing little chripy-chirp!

  • from Toronto, ON

Very limited product

It looks great from the outside, and if you're a die-hard star wars fan, then it's probably a good purchase, but for anyone else who's on the fence, it is a very limited product in many ways. - It will not move very well on a carpeted floor. If your place has carpet, the droid will often get stuck. - It does not actually have any speakers on it. All the sound comes from the phone and not the droid. - It does not have a microphone on it. All voice commands have to go through the phone, and the voice commands are extremely limited. - The head on the top is purely cosmetic. The "eye" on the head and antenna serve no real purpose. The droid is essentially the body, which is just a ball. - The droid has no way to detect obstacles, and its ability to "map" its surroundings is a total gimmick. It constantly bumps into objects around the house. - Even though the ads state that the droid becomes smarter over time, I have seen no evidence of that in the 2 months that I've used it. It bumps into the same objects over and over again. - Bumping into objects will often cause the droid's head to fall off. That's not a real problem since the head serves no purpose, but it really reminds you that the droid is essentially a ball. - The droid cannot detect edges, and will fall off a table on patrol mode, despite numerous ads hinting that the droid can stay on a table. The head pops right off when it falls off a surface no more than 2 feet off the ground. - Controlling it requires quite a bit of skill, practice, and patience. - Battery lasts for only an hour, so this droid will spend the majority of its lifetime sitting on the charging dock. Don't expect it to be like an actual droid that just goes around your house patrolling. Overall, it's a very primitive toy for the price, and you're really paying for the Star Wars brand, and not much else.

  • from Calgary, AB

This IS the droid you're looking for!

Pretty cool & cute tech toy for Star Wars fans and droid fans alike. The Android and iOS (no Windows Phone yet) apps bring the BB-8 to life and has a lot of features to keep things entertaining. Pro-tip: keep BB-8 AWAY from dogs & cats or it will wind up being a target for claws/teeth due to it's diminutive size. Yes it's on the pricey side but Best Buy currently has the best deal when looking around. Imo, it's worth the money for the cool factor and it makes for a great desk display when not in use. Act fast because good luck finding one when the Star Wars Episode VII movie hits theaters.

  • from Orillia, ON

Pricey, but cool & fun

Definitely a cool toy to have for the Star Wars fan and general geek alike...I feel that the price is too much, but it is neat. Cat loves it!

  • from Port Coquitlam, BC

It's okay...

The controls for the BB-8 aren't great to work with. It doesn't do what you want it to. The BB-8 itself does not have speakers, the sound comes from the phone. Battery also dies really quickly. Bought the product but returned it after.

  • from Mississauga, ON

This is the Ultimate Christmas Toy for 2015!

I can't believe the amount of things it can do and its up-gradable.

  • from calgary, ab

Very cool!

A must have for a Star Wars fan

  • from Bradford, ON

Lives up to the hype

BB-8 comes exactly as advertised. The ball itself is completely sealed and quite durable, and the head is fairly resilient as well. The head is held on by a magnet, and if it comes off you can just pop it back on. You just need to clean out the plastic rollers under the head every so often to keep it running smoothly. The antennae bent a bit on me after a few uses, but they haven't broken off so far. The paint on the ball wears off a little, but not much. The app is fantastic. The droid is responsive to your controls, and once you get the hang of it, you can weave it through chair legs and other obstacles with ease. Lots of fun, especially if you have a cat to harass.

  • from Calgary, AB


I've had bb8 for a bit now.it is so cool to watch him run around.dogs like him too.

  • from Milton, ON

Adorable and a Crowd Pleaser

We have so much fun with this little guy. We let it run around our feet while making dinner and the noises it makes just can't help make you smile. Great for all ages. Can't wait to see what updates are in store for it after the movie comes out!

  • from Montréal, QC

This MAY be THE Droid you are looking for!

Very nice piece of technology, but don't buy this yet if you want something very autonomous, the Patrol mode is basically BB-8 bumping in something, looking around and going to bump something else. BUT! This is an app-driven droid, so we might hopefully expect a few updates/software upgrades for him in the future. Like everyone said, the wheels in the head gather everything you did not clean on your floor, since I've had this little guy, my rooms are indeed cleaner because I tend to clean-up before activating the droid :P Rolls really good on a hard surface. Hard to control at first, but much easier after a few session. My favorite part is to "puppeteer" BB-8, controlling him and enabling his built-in "emotions", which are basically pre-programmed actions. I love it, but don't get it yet if you are looking for something autonomous, but if like me, you really want a droid, and would like to puppeteer/control one, this is the droid you are looking for!

  • from Pierrefonds, QC

Nice little gadget but not future proof

The idea is nice, this little robot is for sure a collector even if you are not a Star Wars fan but it lasts only 1hour ! then you have to recharge it. I admit you wont play for 60min with it. Also you have to use a smartphone in order to play with it. Its more marketing than anything else ; packaging is really nice, design of the toy is great and solid, but it foesnt justify the price. For this price they could have included a camera on the robot eye so that when its in patrol mode you could log in to it and see what it sees. That would have been a reason i'd kept this long desired toy.

  • from Calgary, AB


This is seriously the cutest and most fun little robot ever. The controls are pretty decent and it's just pure fun.

  • from Calgary, AB

Awesome toy - young or old

We have only had this droid for a few days, but it has been a crowdpleaser already!

  • from Montréal


Ce petit robot est joli , drôle , intelligent, amusant. La qualité est incroyable. Pour sont look et ce dont il est capable de faire je trouve le prix bas.

  • from London, ON

Very good

BB-8 is s great toy but one thing to watch out for is if you have pets vacuum before you use it. The head has two wheels and uses a magnet to stay on the ball. The two wheels easily get gummed up with fur and it is very difficult to clean out. I am finding the slightest bump knocks the head off now even though I have cleaned out the wheels. I am not sure if they are turning the as easily as they first did when I started using it. It could be that it needs a good charge but when I was letting it explore on its own the head was staying on better. I love the BB-8 so far but buying 1.0 might not have been the best bet.

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