Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

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  • Release Date: 10-27-2015
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Get pro-level precision with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, featuring an arsenal of swappable components, Hair Trigger Locks, and limitless customization with an easy-to-use app.* Choose from a variety of thumbsticks, D-pads, and paddles for a tailored feel that provides game-changing accuracy and speed.

More Information

  • Flip the Hair Trigger Locks to fire faster
  • Improve your control with interchangeable paddles and rubberized diamond grip
  • Downloadable app* lets you tweak everything from trigger sensitivity to button mapping
  • Swap thumbsticks and D-pads for game-changing accuracy and speed

*Xbox Accessories app features, including mapping buttons and saving profiles, are available only on Xbox One and Windows 10.

What's in the Box?

  • Controller
  • Battery
  • Manual

Geek Squad Protection

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  • Estimated Release Date
  • Colour
  • Width
    6.89 cm
  • Height
    7.13 cm
  • Depth
    2.79 cm
  • Width (Inches)
    2.69 in
  • Height (Inches)
    2.78 in
  • Depth (Inches)
    1.09 in
  • Weight
    1.06 g



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  • from Hamilton, ON

Great but fragile

I like this controller, but expect it to break. The shoulder buttons use a thin piece of plastic as a spring, and after you've been using the controller for a few months, the plastic will snap and the shoulder button becomes loose. I've gone through 4 of these controllers in a year and a half. I highly recommend getting an extended warranty if you get this controller.

  • from Canada

Great feel, cheap parts

The elite controller is wonderful to game with. It feels responsive, has plenty of customization options and has a good weight in the hand. But the quality is not there. Many people report issues. Sticks not functioning correctly is common as well as bumpers breaking. I had the bumper problem. It is simple peice of plastic with no spring system. It is bound to break eventually. And Microsoft has no repair infrastructure. You simply have to buy a new one.

  • from Canada

Best controller

This controller is awesome! Every thing I do is enhanced, Jumping, sprinting, shooting, fighting... Great controller. Some people have complained that it the joy sticks drift but that is most likely the result of greasy fingers going in the core if the controller (same goes for stuck buttons). I recommend NOT eating or opening anny pop around the controller to keep it as clean as possible. I can't play without it, Its a must buy!

  • from Brampton, ON

The analong sticks and Bumpers need much better quality

This controller is very good. The only problem I had was after 10 months the left analog stick started to mal function. This had me very disappointed. Overall its a must buy!

  • from Guelph, ON

Terrible Quality control and build quality

6 months in and the A button is toast, left stick pulls up and paddles are wonky. Also the left bumper made an odd click even at time of purchase. I cant stress enough how terrible this product is.

  • from Lethbridge


Love the controller have had it for a year and a bit and only now am I starting to notice issues great quality 5/5

  • from Toronto, On

Broken after 6 months

I bought this controller expecting it to be the best I ever owned, and it was. Which is why it is such a shame that it only lasted 6 months. Xbox was very adamant about not helping to fix the issue. Do not buy, I will be trying a Scuf controller to see if they are any better.

  • from Winnipeg

Doesn't very good quality

I bought it recently not even 1 day. right thumb stick already no good. if playing hard with elite controller, right or left thumb stick probably would be no good.

  • from Montreal

Sub chinese crap Broke after 4 month no repair option

Sub chinese crap Broke after 4 month no repair option Bumbers broke Normal use No hit or drop

  • from canada

wasnt what i have expected but....

The preset buttons are nothing more then extrentions. I have yet to try it out on PC but for xbox the buttons will only work if they are bound to an already exsisting button which is irritating. I was hoping for 4 more extra bottons for my RPG's. But the feel of the controller is sweet and the hair triggers make it better. Just extremly disappointed in the functions of the extra buttons

  • from Lasalle, QC

Love it

Like the feel and design and the quality so far. Got this 3 weeks ago. It is pricey though.

  • from Langley

Xbone elite controller not worth it.

So I'm on my third one in 1 year. Good controller but terribly made. Love the look and feel but they are poorly constructed and the bumpers break.

  • from Edmonton, AB

Fix the bumper buttons to be more resilient

I'm on my 4th Elite controller, I really like the feel of these controllers. The bumper buttons need be redesigned or made stronger - make it with stronger plastic or use aluminum. Also, the connector bottom buttons needs to be redesigned, after some moderate use they don't bounce back anymore. The regular Xbox One controllers hold better than these with moderate use. Considering the amount of money these controllers are they need to be more durable.

  • from Winnipeg, MB


Simply the best ever! This is the one!

  • from Toronto, ON

Great Controller with very poor built quality

I'd have to say this is one of the best controllers out in the market; however, be warned that the built quality is not even close to what they charge. The left thumb-stick started malfunctioning after about 6 months of use, and completely failed after 7 months of use....

  • from Brampton

It's good but ...

Overall I'm pleased with this controller only because of the benefits and customisation it provides. This is actually my second one. I purchased one a year ago on release day. Within 6 months the left thumb stick lost its tactile fell when pushing it down. Sometimes the controller won't connect to the Xbox for reasons I can't figure out. It's a very pricey piece of kit. I expect better.

  • from Hamilton, ON

Poor build quality

For a high end controller I would expect more than a 90 day warranty. Left bumper broke on mine after 4 months with very moderate use. The internal design of the bumpers is worse on these than the standard controller. The controller is nice but the quality is not great. My advice is if you're getting one of these, get the extended warranty.

  • from Charlottetown, PE

dont buy....

These controller have the same issues with the left analog stick that all other regular microsoft controllers have.....they fail. i bought my controller back in April and it noticed issues with the stick after a few weeks that gradually got worse and now i cant even use it. I contacted Microsoft for a replacement and they said no it was outside the 90 day replacement an expensive controller like this cant last 6 months with regular usage.....unbelievable. I think people who play ea games like madden, fifa and nhl notice this the most as to speed up you have to press down and in a direction which over time renders the controller useless. I had my xbox 360 controllers for the life of the console but the xbox one controllers and even the elite controller only last 6 months tops for me........very unsatisified customer......not bestbuys fault but microsofts for making a product that cant hold up....

  • from Ottawa, On

Poorly made

I bought an Elite controller and within 2 months was getting drift on the right stick. Just short of the 3 month warranty the left bumper broke completely. I have now spent weeks, 23 emails and over 6 hours on the phone with Microsoft before they replaced the broken controller under warranty. These controllers are not well made and Microsoft is trying to pass the buck on to anyone they can before replacing them.

  • from Calgary, AB

Not Worth the Price Tag

A gaming buddy of mine got one for father's day, and was ranting and raving about it. So I figured I'd take the plunge and give it a try, and I was far from impressed. I guess I'm the opposite of most of the review on here. Looks like a lot of people went in with low expectations and ended up being impressed. I, however, went in with higher hopes...and was disappointed. The controller itself is very nice. Nice weight, good grippy feel. I have zero complaints about the build quality. Also like the customization options for the thumbsticks, d pad, and the amount of play in the triggers. The physical quality of the controller is why I'm only going as low as 3 stars. The fact that it's not compatible with any existing Xbox One controller charging units is one major drawback. Just seems like another cash grab to me: make the battery area and door just different enough that we have to go out and buy a charging unit just for this new controller. I also didn't like the paddles...which I thought I would. Maybe it's just a "me" problem, but the way I grip the controller, I'm constantly pressing the paddles. I don't naturally grip it loosely down there, so I'd constantly be mashing buttons when I don't mean to. Maybe that's just something I'd have to train myself to learn I've heard there might be a price drop on these. If it maybe drops significantly, I might consider it again. Or maybe if I get it as a gift...because then I don't have to justify the cost.

  • from Surrey, BC

Do not buy, wait for fixes

Bought mine back in October when they first released and like many others online, have had issues that Microsoft is aware of and won't fix. My controller currently disconnects constantly from the system which no other controller does. I am also getting stick drift from the left thumbstick stick making fps games a pain. All Microsoft says is too bad, buy a new one!

  • from Edmonton AB

Great Product But Be Careful

I bought one of these controllers out of the want to be better and to have a bit of an advantage over other people. My first elite controller went wrong after 9 days of use. the entire assembly of the left thumbstick (internals) became loose and rough when using. I returned that one and got my money back. I told myself that I just got an unlucky malfunctioning controller. So I bought a second one after about 5 days with this current one I started hearing clicks and that same uneven feeling. After another 2 days, I seemed to have worked it in and that problem was no longer an issue. If you buy one of these open it up immediately and check the paddles at the back and see if they fit properly. I still suffer today from 3/4 of my paddles being loose. These can be ordered from Xbox if this occurs. Moral of the story make sure you use your controller thoroughly before you say its great. Because my first one acted up just over a week of using.

  • from Toronto Canada

Amazing Controller

Just purchased this controller and I am extremely impressed. It feels very solid in the hands compared to the normal Xbox One controller. It is a bit pricey but for anyone looking for a better experience with [price] to burn I would highly recommend this controller.

  • from Toronto, ON

Buttom Mapping Terrible

Just bought the elite controller to come to find out only A, B, X, Y can be mapped to the paddles... pretty stupid. Microsoft better come out with an update so all buttons can be mapped to paddles. Until then I'm returning this let down.

  • from Winnipeg, MB

Must have for gamers

I was on the fence about this for awhile. Picked it up last week from the Best Buy in Winnipeg (Regent). Feel great. Sturdy. A bit heavier. Feels even better to hold it. The grip on the back is a nice touch. I like the customization options of the buttons and sticks. Haven't used the paddles much, need to try them more. But the overall feel compared to a regular controller is so much better. Highly recommend this for serious gamers or those wanting to customize their gaming experience. Also, for the price of the controller I highly recommend getting the Geek Squad warranty. I got the 2 year warranty... For the price of the controller I'd rather know I'm covered if something happens!

  • from Peterborough , ON

Good Stuff

still debating on whether or not it was worth that much money but it feels so nice in my hands and looks pretty dope too.. would definitely recommend to anyone whos looking for a better gaming experience.

  • from Vancouver, BC

Feels incredible... almost perfect.

Love the feel of this thing! Much more substantial and weighted (like something that would be on Batman's utility belt. LOL) Love that now I can adjust the stick sensitivity as I find the stick sometimes too sensitive for some RPG/FPS. I only wish that they would make combo/pattern button mapping a possibility on it.. (perhaps a future update?) Other than that, it being maybe overpriced and it chewing through batteries at an incredible rate (basically have to use it plugged in) I'm fully satisfied with the elite. It's just beautiful. If you can grab it on any kind of sale it's well worth it.

  • from Grimsby, ON

Very Impressed with Controller and Best Buy

Bought this controller just because i'm a hardcore gamer. i was supposed to get it on april 6th but got it on the 4th(score!). Express shipping was for the 5th so i just saved 5 bucks there lol. This is my first online best buy purchase and i am very happy it came earlier. 5 star because ive got no complaints. Great Product, Great Service.

  • from London, ON

Engineering marvel...

Takes an already perfect controller and makes it BETTER.

  • from Calgary, AB

I love it

Feels great in your hands, controls are fantastic, comes with batteries and a good braided cord, couldn't ask for much more. I waited along time for these to be available again and I can honestly say it was well worth the wait.

  • from Edmonton, AB


The greatest controller ever made. I honestly didn't think the paddles would improve your game this much. Its a huge advantage I have never dominated players like this before.

  • from London, ON

Worth every cent!

I remember being a wee bit skeptical when they first announced this controller, with a CRAZY price! I couldn't use the extra paddles I said... I was wrong. I doubt you can tell the difference with the trigger depth setting....again I was wrong. I think the standard Xbox One controllers build quality can't be got it, I was wrong. I'm completely impressed with every aspect of this controller.

  • from Kamloops, BC

Can't believe how fast it was!

Amazing controller, tons of reviews on YouTube! Check em! (Would be 5/5 stars but won't let me click on iPhone :p

  • from Dartmouth, NS

Love this controller

Feels good. Helped me improve my gaming like my k/d radio on BO3. Worth the buy if you ask me.

  • from Woodstock, ON

pros and cons

First, I didn't take off points for the defective rumble forcing me to return as that doesn't appear common. The D-pad replacement works really well for fighting games. Most buttons were great, especially the thumb controllers which are very, very smooth. The shape was a bit odd, but probably just because I'm so used to the XBox 360 controller. The only thing I really disliked was the TRIGGER buttons. I found them slightly stiff with not enough distance. I guess that's a choice made in favor of shooters and other games but for RACING games it's not ideal. (it may have felt even worse as the rumble was defective so pulling the accelerator didn't "rev up" in my hand with rumble). The white light under the "X-BOX" button can be changed via the app which you get via the store. The app felt very basic and useless but it is a new controller. I didn't try the wireless adapter. In fact, I won't bother unless I can find a holder that will work with a recharge pack like the normal One controller has options for. I will not keep swapping batteries. I'm pretty fine with the corded option anyway. *Overall, I liked it and found it worth the money. My perfect controller would keep the original 360 triggers (never tried the "One" controller) style, keep the colored buttons, but otherwise mechanically it feels very well built.

  • from Calgary, AB

Worth it if you are a serious gamer...

I bought this controller because my original year one xbox one controller has seen better days and frankly was not preforming well. This controller gives you the flexibilty to set-up and customize to your liking, but the learning curve is steep. I play a lot of Destiny, COD and soon to be playing The Division, all PvP. You have to give yourself time to "retrain" your brain to using the paddles versus the X Y A B buttons as per normal. For me it took about two weeks of frustration and lower than normal KDR's. The controller has a much heavier/solid feel to it and will likely last a lot longer than a standard controller. This is the main reason that I went this route instead of Scuff as they simply reprogram / paint standard controllers. I gave this controller only 4 stars as it is very expensive, and I'm not 100% positive on it's long term durability.

  • from Edmonton, AB

Great Controller

This a great controller, has a nice weight to it. As well a the multiple options for setup. would have liked to have a cover for buttons underneath for when not in use.

  • from Dartmouth, NS

Love It!

I bought this as a gift for my son, he plays it with the paddles and really loves it. I play without the paddles and also really love it. The weight of it feels really good in your hands and it looks amazing.

  • from LaSalle, ON

Well worth the adjustment

It takes some use to become accustomed to the differences but it is well worth the effort. The weight of the controller is great. It makes you feel like you are in control. The response is great as well. If you are happy with the current controller you have then so be it , but if you are an avid gamer and want more, it is worth every penny.

  • from Montreal, Qc


Incredible piece of tech! It takes a day for your game-play to improve because ,you muscle memory has to adjust to paddles. It feels amazing in your hands ,the paddles are smooth, the customization is is limitless and it's very responsive overall. I also recommend getting a CronusMax (The regular one) as it enables me to use my Elite on all of my consoles.Worth every penny!!!

  • from Stoney Creek, ON


Returning, has a weird click in the trigger that doesn't feel normal!and also has a dead spot sometimes where it will not turn when I am moving analog stick.

  • from Edmonton, AB

Best controller ever!!!!

A very cool controller, it's very responsive and it makes any game you play better, I'm very happy with my purchase and I highly recommend this controller to all gamers

  • from Moose Jaw, SK

Best remote

Best X BOX 1 remote... Hands down.

  • from Edmonton, AB

Worth the wait and price.

Great controller. Nice weight to it. I don't think I could use a standard controller again. The paddles are an awesome addition. Trigger locks great as well. And the app to further tune is excellent.

  • from Langley bc

Not very durable

Everything about this controller is great but after 3 or 4 months of using and and playing black ops 3 the hair trigger on the right side completely broke.

  • from Montréal, QC

Must have !!

I use this controller on both Xbox One and PC mostly for Rainbow Six Siege and Rocket League and i love it !! it worth every dollars !

  • from Hamilton, ON

Awesome product!!!

This controller is well built and heavy, very responsive and a game changer. If you play FPS it gives an incredible advantage. I'm a Call of Duty player and all I can say is why didn't you bring this out sooner? Ordered online and delivery was faster than expected.

  • from Fredericton, NB


the perfect gaming controller....the paddles might require some getting use to but the overall quality of this beast is impeccable

  • from Edmonton, AB

Quality Product !

This controller is absolutely amazing. There are two things that I very much enjoy about this controller aside form the customizability option. The diamond grips on the back give it a nice feel and the fact that it's slightly heavier takes away the cheap plastic feeling that plagues the original xbox one controller and ps4 controllers. Only downside is that it's very costly.

  • from Toronto, ON

A class above

The analog sticks are as smooth as glass, really makes for an entirely new experience. Not sure I'd be able to go back to the regular controller again.

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