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October 13, 2012

Mobile Power Buying Guide

It’s no secret that the battery life of most smartphones won’t last an entire day of constant texting, emailing, gaming, and any other task you enjoy. So how do you stretch the life of your battery? How do you make it through the whole day without recharging?

It doesn’t matter what smartphone you own, if you use it a lot chances are you need to charge it every day. But how can you avoid carrying an iPhone or BlackBerry charger everywhere you go? Check out a few of our tips and tricks to help keep your battery going strong the whole day.

  • Turn on auto-brightness

    You don’t need to have your screen brightness set at 100%. It’s bad for your eyes and even worse for your battery, so switch on the auto-brightness feature of your phone. This small step can help save battery life by automatically dimming or brightening the display only when you need it.

  • Turn off unused networks and services

    When you’re not using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or GPS location settings, go ahead and turn them off, especially when you know you there’s no available connection. When they’re active, your smartphone will keep searching for signals, which can quickly drain your battery.

  • Focus on one task

    Sure, your smartphone will let you do a lot of things at once, but the more applications you’ve got running, the more your battery is being used. Since it’s likely you’re really only focusing on one thing at a time, try closing any unnecessary apps so they don’t drain your battery.

  • Turn off push data notifications

    Whenever new data becomes available, your smartphone will “push” it to your home screen and update you. You can save power by turning it off, which reduces how often it connects to a network and in turn reduces battery consumption.

  • Turn off vibrate mode

    Did you know that it takes more power for your phone to vibrate than it does to actually ring? While there are times you’ll absolutely need to leave it on vibrate, turn it off completely and let it ring to help extend battery life.

  • Shut ‘er down

    Perhaps the best way to ensure you’ve got enough battery life when you need it is to turn off your phone when you know you won’t be using it for a period of time. If you’re heading to a meeting or class, turn it off and keep it out of sight until you need it again.

  • Batteries need love too

    That might sound strange, but a Lithium-ion battery (which is used by most phones) is a sensitive little guy. Extreme temperatures can have a negative impact on their lives, so try keeping it in a cool place at all time. It’s also recommended that you don’t wait for your battery to completely run out of juice before recharging, since full discharges will actually put a greater strain on it.

When All Else Fails

microUSB Cable

To ensure you’ve always got power whether you’re at the office, school, or at a café pick up an additional microUSB cable for travel. Not only will it keep your phone charged up while you work or play, but many models let you sync data between your computer and phone at the same time.



Car Charger

Your car is a perfect spot to charge your smartphone while you commute to work or simply make your way to the grocery store. A car charger with a 12V connector plugs right into your cigarette lighter and offers a fast and easy charge when you’re out and about.



Battery Cases and Packs

Working double duty, a rechargeable battery case or pack is the perfect on-the-go solution. These innovative cases offer solid protection for your smartphone and work to extend the battery life of your phone thanks to an integrated battery so you get additional talk and play time when you need it most. Plus, some models also come with advanced features such as:

  • A shockproof construction for maximum protection
  • Fashionable designs
  • LED indicators to tell you how much power you have left



Portable Wireless Charger and Battery Extenders

If you’re always on the move, portability is a necessity. Portable wireless chargers are the ideal solution since many feature no cords so you can easily connect right to your smartphone – or any other digital device – and power up until you can get to a plug. They’re also small enough to fit in your pocket or bag and give you a limited number of charges, so you’re always good to go.



Travel Chargers

Get connected to a wall outlet for fast and easy charges with a travel charger. Small enough to fit into any part of your luggage, travelling companions are best for life on the go or when you need to get recharged at the office or in the library.



Back-up Battery Power

When you can’t be near a plug or your computer, back-up battery power devices are perfect. These devices are basically batteries that you can connect to and give you smartphone or another portable device a boost in power when they’re running low. Most models pack a battery that’s larger than most cell phone batteries, so you can charge up and still have some juice left over.



Best Buy

Take the Next Step

You do a lot with your smartphone: texting, checking email, playing games, making calls, surfing the web, and so much more that it all takes a large toll on your battery. Online and in-store, Best Buy offers a wide selection of car chargers, battery packs and cases, cables, and more so you can keep your smartphone powered up and ready to go when you need it.

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