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July 17, 2014
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Our homes have changed radically over the past century. So why still use lighting that's based on 19th century technology? Philips hue lighting can change your decor, keep your home safe, help you relax or focus and much, much more. Lighting is about more than just illuminating the dark. With hue, you get full control over the light in your life. Set the mood. Change the ambience. Feel different. This is what hue can do.

Philips hue is a personal wireless lighting system that transforms the way you use and experience light. Controlled by your smartphone or tablet, this innovative lighting system is lighting at a whole new level.

The wireless LED light bulbs bring hue to life. They deliver clear and crisp light, all shades of white, and every colour in the spectrum. They don’t just look great. They’re practical too. They dim. They flash. They pulse. They do pretty much anything you want. And they screw straight into your current light fittings for a seamless transition.

Philips hue works on the ZigBee Light Link wireless radio standard...


Philips hue is a smart, interconnected system of lights controlled through an app on your smartphone or tablet. At the centre of the system is the hue bridge, which is a literal bridge between your app and the bulbs. Linked to Wi-Fi via your router, it can connect up to 50 bulbs at a time. Through the hue app, you can control all aspects of the lights, ranging from brightness and colour to timer and alarm settings.

You don’t need any fancy light sockets to use hue. Hue wireless LED light bulbs easily install in your existing light fixtures and produce light in all shades of white light, as well as colour.

Get even more creative with Friends of hue. Iris, LightStrips, and Hue Go are unique decorative lights that connect seamlessly to your hue network. Put LightStrips under your table, project Iris onto the wall to match your mood, or use your portable Hue Go around your home inside and out … in a variety of different applications. There’s so much to do with Friends of hue.


The key to controlling hue lies in the palm of your hand. Use the app to change colours, brightness, functions and everything else in between. However you want it. The hue app is where you can make all the magic happen. The sky’s the limit

Control your bulbs one at a time or all together. Find the right intensity and shade of white for the task at hand. Pick that perfect tone to match the moment. Or select a colour from a photo and recreate it in your room.

You don’t even have to be at home to control your lights. The Myhue portal is an online control panel that connects you to hue, from anywhere in the world. Make it look like someone’s home when you’re relaxing on the beach. Or just switch your lights off if you’ll be home later than you thought. The portal also saves your personalized scenes and Light Recipes. And it even keeps your bridge software up-to-date.


Light bulbs are smart, but they’ve gotten smarter with Philips hue. Designed on an open standard system, Philips hue works with third party apps created by developers and hue lovers across the globe. Connect hue to your music, enjoy amplified suspense and emotions while watching a movie, or bring the colours from your TV to your hue bulbs using some of the many creative apps out there.

Philips hue can discretely alert you to a new email or change in weather via a gentle “light notification” wherever you are in your home, as well as deliver immersive moments that expand TV viewing into the whole room or take gaming to the next level through third party app integration.

Do you want to be notified when something happens? Through the IFTTT (If this then that) service, you can connect hue to everyday applications, whether it be email, social media, or your smartphone. Set hue to turn blue when it’s raining outside or if you're almost home then blink the lights to tell your family. Through a range of recipes, you can incorporate hue into your life to help you stay connected to your world.

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