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November 30, 2012

TV Stands and Mounts Buying Guide

You've just bought a sleek new TV and you're not sure where to put it. Do you mount it on the wall above your mantle or place it on your trusty old TV stand? When deciding on a stand or mount for your TV, there are various factors to consider.

There's more to setting up a TV than simply placing it on a table. You should take into account the size of the TV, your living space, viewing angles and more. While TV stands have been a long-time favourite in homes, TV wall mounts have gained momentum with the prevalence of flat screens. Allowing you to place your TV at the perfect height and angle, a wall mount also frees up precious floor space and is ideal when you just don't have room for a TV stand.

Types of Wall Mounts

Fixed flat-panel


Fixed flat-panel, or low profile, wall mounts keep your TV in place against the wall. This low-cost mounting option is aesthetically pleasing to the eye because cords and wires are kept out of sight. On the downside, you can't adjust the viewing angle of your TV and the wires are not easily accessible if you need to plug in something else.


Tilting flat-panel TV mounts are like fixed flat-panel ones, with an added bonus. You can tilt your TV vertically to get the best viewing angle. They sit farther out than fixed panel mounts to allow room for the tilting.

Tilting flat-panel
Full Motion flat-panel

Full Motion

Full motion flat-panel mounts provide the most versatility when it comes to changing the angle of your TV. With an adjustable arm that swivels from side to side, this wall mount allows you to keep your TV centered, tilt it up or down, or move it to the side to achieve the ultimate viewing perspective.


Slim TV mounts come in both fixed flat-panel and tilting models. They keep your TV super close to the wall and are great if you're seeking a clean, streamlined look. Your TV will be so snug against the wall that it will look like a picture frame.

Slim TV mounts
Fixed flat-panel

TV Stands

TV stands come in a variety of sizes and materials and can really add to the décor of your room. If you love classic styles and hardwoods, consider a rich cherry wood TV stand that matches the rest of your furniture. If you've got a huge DVD collection and all the latest gadgets to accessorize your TV, opt for a stand with tons of storage for your DVD player, video game consoles, extra speakers and more. If you have an old CRT TV, you'll have to put it on a stand, so look for one that suits your needs.

VESA Standards

VESA, or the Video Electronics Standards Association, has established a set of standards that determine which TVs will fit which wall mounts. Flat-screen TVs have four holes on the back, and the distance between these holes is a determining factor for choosing the right mount. Other elements to consider are the screen size and weight of your TV. Before buying a mount, make sure to read the product specs or ask a professional to determine if it'll work with your TV. Or, check out Best Buy's handy MountFinder.


To further outfit your TV, you may want to get some cool accessories:

Speaker Stands

Speaker stands are essential if you've got extra speakers for your home entertainment system. If you're seeking the perfect surround sound, consider speaker stands that you can put on the floor around your TV. These come in various looks and materials, including slick steel and classic wood. They may be adjusted for height and offer the flexibility of being moved around easily.

Speaker Stands
Speaker Wall Mounts

Speaker Wall Mounts

Speaker wall mounts affix to the wall or ceiling and are a space-conscious solution for extra audio systems like speakers and soundbars. They're excellent for placing your speakers up close and personal to your wall-mounted TV.

Wall Shelves

If your TV's on the wall and you've got nowhere to put your extra media equipment, consider adding a wall shelf. You can easily install one near your TV for the perfect placement of your Blu-ray player, video game console or DVD collection.

Wall Shelves
Wire Management System

Wire Management System

It's likely you'll be dealing with many wires and cables when installing your new TV. Keep them out of sight with a cable management system that can hide wires in or against the wall.


Installing a TV wall mount may seem daunting, but with the right knowledge, a few tools and a pair of extra hands, you may be able to do it yourself. Before delving into the task, make sure to thoroughly read the instruction manuals for your wall mount and TV. Be aware of any safety precautions you need to take and make sure you have the right equipment for the job.

If you're still wary about mounting your TV, enlist the help of professionals like Geek Squad at Best Buy. Our home theatre pros will get your TV looking picture-perfect on the wall, making sure your specifications are met. They can even unpack your TV, calibrate it, connect it to other devices, clean up your wires and more. Just give Geek Squad a call for all your installation needs.


Sound Bars

These are typically designed to go with TVs that have been mounted and add amazing sound to your home theatre system. Easily mounted on the wall, they're the perfect audio solution when you don't have extra space for free-standing speakers.

Best Buy

Take the Next Step

Whether you want to place your new TV flush against the wall or display it on a decorative TV stand, you can count on Best Buy to have what you're looking for. With mounts and stands from popular manufacturers like Sonax, Sanus, Tyger Claw and Techcraft, Best Buy offers an amazing selection to fit your needs.

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