About Reward Zone card

Program Overview

Reward Zone is Best Buy's loyalty program that's focused totally on you. With Reward Zone you not only get the stuff you love, you get more of it too.

We've designed Reward Zone to deliver the best customer experience possible. That means benefits galore. You'll gain access to exclusive offers and one-of-a-kind events for Reward Zone members only.

Join Reward Zone and start taking advantage of a universe of benefits:

Free Membership

Free Membership

There are no fees to join, and no fees to continue.

Get Reward Certificates

Earn 1 point for nearly every $1 you spend at Best Buy Canada stores and BestBuy.ca. Earn 400 points, and you'll earn a reward certificate worth a $5 discount toward a future Best Buy purchase.

An e-mail notification will be sent when you have qualified for a reward certificate.

Choose your choice of reward threshold at $5, $10 or $20.

Member-only Promotions

Take advantage of special offers like limited time sales, member only offers and product pre-orders to help you earn more points.

Special Access Events

Special Access Events

Get in the zone and live like a VIP. Want to watch your favourite hockey team, meet top bands, play the hottest games first and more? Reward Zone™ opens up a world of unique VIP opportunities, events and special offers.