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Earn a $5 Reward Certificate

Earn a $5 Reward Certificate With Every 400 Points Earned.

When you accumulate enough points to earn a certificate based on your certificate amount preference, you will receive
a notification e-mail.

We will automatically issue your certificate in your online account and deduct the corresponding points.

Reward certificates are automatically sent via email and can be accessed from your Reward Zone account. To redeem your certificate in-store, simply show it on your phone or bring a printed copy.

How To Print Reward Certificate(s):

  1. Log-in to your account
  2. Click on the My Account tab
  3. Select View and Print Certificates
How To Print Reward Certificate

How To Redeem Reward Certificate(s):

Redeeming a reward certificate is easy. Simply show it on your phone or bring a printed copy to your local Best Buy store. You may be asked to provide photo ID when redeeming Reward Zone certificates in-store.

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Printing and redeeming certificates

Note: Reward certificate redemption is not yet available at