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These TVs include capabilities like streaming, internet connection and the ability to access content remotely

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Smart TV
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What can a smart TV do for you?

Smart TVs connect to the internet and bring streaming, web surfing and web-based entertainment into your home without needing an additional streaming device.

You can stream content from the internet like Netflix, YouTube, or listen to internet radio like Spotify too. Try enjoying your favourite social media portals such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter all on your big screen! Smart TVs will also let you plug and play content from an external storage device, or just connect to regular cable or satellite TV services.

Know your TV operating systems

Choosing the right smart TV for you is easy. Often it's a good choice to select a TV with an operating system similar to or compatible with your smartphone. That way you can enjoy seamless streaming and interaction among your devices. There are several different operating systems for smart TVs.

In much the same way there's Apple or Android for smartphones and tablets, and iOS or Windows for computers, there are different TV operating systems. Some of the most common are Roku OS from Roku TV, LG's webOS, Android TV (found on Sony), Firefox OS which is used on Panasonic smart TVs, as well as Samsung's Tizen OS. Some of these operating systems cross brand boundaries so you might see them in other places too.

There's a Smart TV size for every space

Whether you want a smart TV for your main living space and have the room to spare, or you're looking for a smaller smart option in the kitchen where you may not have access to traditional cable, there are plenty of size options.

From compact 24" smart TVs all the way up to 60", 70" or even 80" sizes, there's definitely a smart TV that will fit your exact space and budget. Whether your preference is for Sony, LG, Samsung or Panasonic or for value brands like Insignia, there's a wealth of choice in the smart TV market.

Resolutions - HD and 4K/UHD

HDTV is the standard in TV resolution today. You'll most often see that expressed as a 1080p set.

The newest in TV technology increases that full HD resolution by four times and creates a brighter, crisper more realistic video picture. Known as 4K or Ultra HD, this is the best of the best when it comes to TVs.

HDTV will provide a great picture, but if you want to be future ready and enjoy a top of the line video experience, consider adopting 4K for your new smart TV.

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