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Traxxas RC Racing & RC Hobbies

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1 - 32 of 473


Traxxas Speed

Those within the RC racing hobby know that the name Traxxas is synonymous with speed. Most Traxxas RC vehicles move incredibly fast, with some almost rivalling the speed of actual automobiles. The 4 wheel drive Traxxas Slash Fox, for instance, can reach a top speed of 96 Km/h with proper upgrades in place, and this is just one such example. Even the smallest Traxxas models come fully ready to race, and in a realm where fast equals fun, there¿s nothing faster on 4 wheels than Traxxas RC vehicles!

Traxxas Power

Whether you choose a 2WD or a 4WD model, you can rest assured that your Traxxas RC vehicle has the power to overcome almost any obstacle. While Traxxas offers vehicles in both varieties, it¿s the 4X4 models that are best at getting themselves out of sticky situations. When all 4 wheels are powered by the drivetrain, it¿s easy to climb out of practically any hole, and Traxxas vehicles have the torque to handle even the toughest climbs. When you¿re driving a Traxxas RC vehicle, you needn¿t fear any impediment!

Traxxas Fun

Few activities match the pure fun & excitement of the RC hobby. Whether you¿re speeding your vehicle across an open lot or kicking up dirt as you zip across a gravel field, the feeling of driving your Traxxas is truly exhilarating! But that¿s only half the fun. If you¿re mechanically inclined, you can repair, build, rebuild, and modify your Traxxas model as much as you wish. Many RC enthusiasts enjoy this aspect of the hobby even more than the driving¿particularly when incorporating enhanced parts and materials. It¿s unlimited fun!

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