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Popular Products

The Star Wars Legacy

So compelling is Darth Vader’s hero to villain (back to hero) story, that, for over forty years, the Star Wars saga has captured the collective imagination of fans around the world. To young and old alike, Star Wars has long been an irresistible force. We’re continually drawn back into the adventure through the epic films themselves, as well as through toys, cartoons, video games, other merchandise, and even (for some) Star Wars themed tattoos. Star Wars permeates our culture in countless ways, and yet so much of the adventure still lies ahead ...

Movies & Steelbooks

What threat will the new villain of the franchise pose for our favourite heroes—for the very galaxy? The evil to come remains to be seen. Everything else, however, is readily available on Blu Ray, DVD, and in the popular Steelbooks movie sets. What better way to fully enjoy everything that awaits in the future of the series than by awakening our memories of relevant past events? With easy to obtain sets like Star Wars: The Complete Saga, there’s no reason to have faded memories of key background information.

A Lifetime of Amazing Toys

No film series in history has spawned more amazing toys than the formidable Star Wars franchise. For over four decades, the popular 3.5 inch action figures have sparked the imaginations of children (and adults) everywhere to create new and epic adventures in their very own homes. Today, the tradition continues with new and exciting toys featuring a variety of new play patterns. With offerings like the 15" Legendary Yoda, the Sphero BB-8 Droid, the Air Hogs Ultimate Millennium Falcon, & Hasbro’s ultra-realistic Force FX Lightsabers now available, infinite fun and adventure awaits!

Video Games & Other Merchandise

Video games players around the world are eagerly anticipating the forthcoming adventure, Star Wars - Battlefront, from EA Games. Engage the enemy in the Battle of Jakku as the New Republic confronts strategic Imperial strongholds in this Outer Rim adventure. Pre-orders are now underway for this exciting PS4 & XBOX ONE title. And, as you play, wrap yourself up in a Star Wars Angry Birds Fleece Blanket and sip your favourite beverage from a Star Wars ‘Feel The Force” Mug (just two great examples in an infinite universe of currently available Star Wars products).