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35 results

Streamlined Aesthetics with Skagen Watches

Founded in 1989, Skagen is a blending of two worlds: American accessories and Scandinavian design. Each item is intended to emphasize uncluttered, clean lines, which come through in the brand’s beautifully simple watch faces and slim silhouettes.

Some models of Skagen ladies’ watches stand out with intricate band detailing, but even the most luxurious Skagen watch models radiate an air of refined simplicity.

Skagen Hybrid Smartwatches

With Skagen’s emphasis on blending American and Danish culture, it’s not surprising that one of their most popular sectors is another hybridization: the hybrid smartwatch. Models like the Skagen Falster pair a simple watch band with a super-sleek watch face. The watch itself defaults to a simple screen and serif font, but just like the interchangeable bands, it’s highly customizable.

Skagen smartwatches are powered by Google’s Wear OS and are a great way to tell the time while also tracking incoming notifications. They’re a sleek way to accomplish a lot at once. Thanks to the brand’s commitment to Scandinavian simplicity, however, you can expect to get a true hybrid experience from their products: they really are designed like a great men’s watch. All of the “smart” stuff is just an added bonus!

Skagen Ladies’ Watches

People who love wearing a mix of accessories will love the clean lines of Skagen’s ladies’ watches. These simple designs pair well with an assortment of different styles, and they don’t add visual clutter to your wrist—meaning that they don’t limit your bracelet options the same way that other styles might.

For a little more detail, the thin watch bands of models like the Skagen Anita essentially braid a mix of metals in a ripple-mesh band. Steel mesh bands are favoured by the brand and are an easy way to elevate any look (especially as most are easily interchangeable.)

Rise Above other Scandinavian Styles

While Danish design is popular in today’s fashion, it can be nice to get a little break from it now and again. Look to Skagen’s men’s watches for interesting twists on contemporary design, such as blue mother-of-pearl watch faces and pop-of-colour inner numerals. Keep an eye out for fine-tuned details as well, like unique typefaces that’ll be appreciated by the especially discerning fashionable gentleman.

Just because you’re buying a Skagen watch in Canada doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your love of Scandanavian design or of American machinery. Instead, let your fondness for stylish simplicity guide you right to a Skagen watch you’ll love.