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Sphero Smart Toys are an Ingenious Option for Curious Minds of all Ages

Sphero smart toys and robotics started out as a fun way to use your phone to control a happy-go-lucky remote controlled ball but have grown up to be so much more. With an expanding lineup of smart toys, Sphero lets kids have a blast while they get creative and learn useful skills. Whether you’re into the simple and portable Sphero Mini, the rugged and customizable Ollie, or the brain-building BOLT; there’s something in the Sphero lineup for everyone.

Sphero Smart RC Toys

Nearly all of the Sphero brand toys and robots are smart remote-controlled devices that use Bluetooth to communicate with a remote control. The main way to control your Sphero is to use your smartphone with an accompanying app. With the app you can control the speed, direction, and fun stuff like colours.

Beyond simply controlling a robot that rolls around, most Sphero products actually let you learn how to program instructions for your robot in Javascript, using a companion app. The app helps kids learn how to code in simple and approachable ways and lets them discover the magic of writing instructions that get carried out in real life by a robot that moves, navigates, changes colour and more.

Sphero STREAM Learning Toys

STREAM stands for science, technology, reading, engineering, art, and math. Certain programs and products adopt this acronym to help identify that they provide a means for kids to learn and have fun within these disciplines while they play. Many of Sphero’s products offer kids over 8 years old a chance to learn valuable skills like computer programming and robotics while they have tons of fun.

Sphero also makes products that allow anyone to learn and explore creatively through music and colour. Instead of simply listening to music through headphones, kids can actually create music themselves using inspiration from their environment. By recording sounds around them using the app, and then combining them with other music, sounds, beats, and samples built into the app, kids can mix together their own one-of-a-kind music tracks using sounds and colours they discover around them.

Sphero Collector’s Toys

For fans of Star Wars or Spiderman, Sphero offers special wireless robots that resemble some of our favourite heroes and characters from popular films. Some offer voice-activated modes that let you chat and ask questions of your favourite character and can even act as alarm clocks and sentries that keep an eye out for intruders. Star Wars fans will immediately recognize one of their favourite little droid buddies, BB-8, and can get the chance to actually take control of his movement. Jedi padawans will love the chance to use the force to control BB-8 with the Force Band accessory. The band puts the power of the force in the hands of whoever wears it, and lets them use Jedi powers like force push, pull, and drive to control the robot.