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Wemo makes smart plugs, switches, and dimmers with app-based control to make your life easier and better

What is Wemo?

Wemo is a collection of smart plugs, light switches, and dimmers from Belkin that work with the Wemo App to give you smart control over whatever lights and other electrical devices are plugged or wired into them. In this way, Wemo allows you to control your electronics with just your iOS or Android based smart phone. In fact, Wemo are industry leaders in smart plugs and switches, having been developing and perfecting their lineup of products for the better part of the last decade. If you’d like to enjoy a greater level of control over the various lights and other electronics in your home, including compatibility with (and control via) today’s leading smart home ecosystems, Wemo products are a great way to enhance your smart home and make your life easier.

What Wemo works with

Wemo products are compatible with some of the top smart home ecosystems available today. Whether you use Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT (If This, Then That), or Works with Nest, you’ll be able to control your Wemo products as part of a broader smart home system. For instance, Alexa and Google provide voice control over your Wemo products, meaning you can turn things on and off through simple verbal commands. IFTTT allows you to create relational recipes whereby one smart home device reacts (changes its behaviour) according to what another smart home device is doing. And Works with Nest provides control over your Wemo products through your Nest thermostat (which knows your comings and goings and turns smart lights, plugs, and other connected devices on and off accordingly).

How Wemo products work

Wemo products work thanks to the special Wemo App, which is free to download and compatible with both Android and iOS based smart devices. This means that you can simply open the app on your smart phone and power your lights, plugs, or other Wemo devices with just the touch of an icon. Since Wemo plugs fit any standard wall outlet, they give you control over whatever is plugged into them (such as lamps and coffee makers), and all via your smart phone. Wemo plugs can also be moved at will throughout your home. Since Wemo dimmers and light switches are actually wired into your home’s electrical network, they specifically control whatever lights they are wired into, but again it’s all done easily with your smart phone and the Wemo App.

Popular Wemo products

Wemo is mostly known for their smart plugs, light switches, and dimmers, such as the Wemo Mini Smart Plug, the Wemo Wi-Fi Light Switch, and the Wemo Dimmer Light Switch. You can also get a more economical 2-pack of the Wemo Mini Smart Plug for use in different parts of your home, and there are numerous products from other smart home developers that are fully compatible with Wemo’s own products. All Wemo products are designed for convenience and ease of use—not to mention great energy savings, and they’re made using the highest quality materials. For the best in smart home control when it comes to plugs, switches, and dimmers, Wemo is simply the best.

For a greater level of control over the plugs, switches, and light dimmers in your home, look to Belkin Wemo for a helping hand.