Traxxas RC cars and trucks are the toughest radio controlled vehicles around, as well as the most fun

Traxxas means quality

Traxxas has long produced some of the toughest radio-controlled vehicles around. Known for their use of high-quality parts and materials, Traxxas cars and trucks are built for speed and performance. A typical Traxxas model features oil-filled shocks, heavy-duty steel gears, real rubber tires, and fully waterproof electronics—easily setting it apart from the competition. Traxxas also uses flexible outer shells that can withstand even the most brutal crashes without cracking, long range (2.4GHz) transmitters, and powerful motors capable of supporting incredible speeds. With most models, there’s no assembly required, and driving your battery-operated vehicle is as easy as squeezing a trigger to accelerate and turning a soft steering wheel for control.

Popular Traxxas models include the Slash and Rustler

Among the most popular Traxxas RC vehicles currently available are the Traxxas Slash—a 1/10 scale short course race truck, and the Traxxas Rustler—a 1/10 scale stadium truck. Both of these vehicles are built for speed and durability. While the Slash can reach a top speed of 48 Km/h, the Rustler tops out at an impressive 56 Km/h. Both vehicles feature fully waterproof electronics and are ready to race right out of the box. Simply charge their rechargeable battery and get ready for some seriously fast action. In fact, it’s even possible to upgrade your truck with a brushless-ready metal gear transmission to handle even more speed and horsepower.

How fast do Traxxas RC vehicles go?

Traxxas RC vehicles feature a wide range of speed capabilities, with some models capable of speeds well over 100 Km/h. While these models are built for speed, others are designed for off-road use. Such models trade some of their speed for additional torque. While the power is still there, these vehicles (mostly monster trucks) use that power for climbing over rocks, logs, and other off-road obstacles they encounter. If you’ve got a model that’s specifically meant or racing, it won’t necessarily be able to climb over obstacles, but it will go incredibly fast on smooth, flat surfaces. If off-roading is your thing, go for a model with less speed but more climbing power so you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in a hairy position.

Which Traxxas is right for you?

Choosing your Traxxas wisely means taking a number of factors into consideration. First and foremost, what do you want to be able to do with your vehicle? Your choices essentially boil down to either racing or off-roading. For racing, you’ll want to choose the fastest model you can possibly find; but for off-roading, speed isn’t as important as torque. In this case, choosing a 4X4 model is essential. While a 2WD model can get you around the track fast if it’s built for speed, it’s got a much higher probability of getting hung up and stuck (caught with the driving wheels off the ground when trying to climb over an obstacle) if you take it off-road. Similarly, you’ll want to make sure your chosen vehicle has fully waterproof electronics if you plan to go anywhere where you might encounter puddles. Selecting the right Traxxas RC vehicle becomes a whole lot easier when you first consider its intended use.

For speed, power, and precision performance straight out of the box, nothing beats a Traxxas RC vehicle!