Best Buy stores.

Be part of the Blue Shirt, Geek Squad, or In-Home Advisor teams that create amazing experiences for our customers.

Why you’ll love working in our stores

Find a role that suits your strengths.

Whether you’re passionate about helping customers find solutions as a Blue Shirt, making technology come to life as a Geek Squad Agent , or creating optimized technology experiences as an In-Home Advisor, there’s a role for you.

Be yourself.

Diversity and inclusion are important parts of Best Buy’s culture. We celebrate the qualities that make us unique and bring us together.

Join one of our store teams:

  • Blue Shirts are store associates who provide solutions to customers through roles including Team Leads and Product Process
  • Geek Squad Agents are tech specialists trained to help customers get the most out of their technology
  • In-Home Advisors visit customers’ homes and provide personalized solutions for their tech needs
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