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FAQ About Air Conditioners, Fans, and Dehumidifiers

We all look forward to the summertime. Camping, beach days, drinks by the pool, and all that other awesome stuff. But sometimes, the heat can get a little overwhelming, not to mention hard to escape. Beat the heat this summer by turning your home into a cool, refreshing refuge with the help of an air cooling system. Best Buy carries a wide selection of air conditioners, fans, and dehumidifiers to help you find the cooling solution that best meets your needs.

How do I choose the right air cooling system for my home?

Which is the bigger issue: Temperature or humidity? For hot summers where the humidity level isn't off the charts, you'll want to consider a fan or an air conditioner. An air conditioner will cool you down and reduce the moisture in the air for a comfortable room temperature. Sometimes, though, an air conditioner may not do the trick. If you find it really humid and sticky, but not particularly hot, consider getting a dehumidifier. It's super-useful in areas where moisture is an issue but cool air isn't really needed, such as a basement, laundry room or crawl space.

Should I get a fan or an air conditioner?

If it doesn't get that hot in the summer, you may only need a fan to help circulate the air and cool things down a bit. Fans are usually easily adjustable to help effectively direct the airflow and take up less room than air conditioners, so they're great for smaller spaces. That said, if you're dealing with longer, hotter summers, you should seriously consider investing in an air conditioner to benefit from a stronger, more consistent cooling effect throughout your home.

What types of air conditioners are there?

window air conditioner is mounted on a window sill and sits mostly outside your living space, helping to reduce clutter. It's relatively straightforward to set up and can be powerful enough to cool down multiple rooms in your home. A portable air conditioner is perfect for cooling one room in particular, like a bedroom or home office. Easy to install, it's often equipped with wheels, making it a breeze to move around from one room to another.

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