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Apple iPods: Enjoy Music and So Much More

Ask anyone about the very first MP3 player they really loved and chances are they'll say, "It was an iPod." Apple wasn't the first company to come up with MP3 players, but no other standalone digital music player was able to equal the iPod's overall popularity. 

The very first iPod, released in 2001, featured a 5GB hard drive that was able to store around 1,000 songs and a circular scroll wheel interface. From there Apple developed the iPod into a line of products, each with its own set of iterations. Here are some details about the more popular models: 

iPod touch

What do you get when you take the "phone" out of an iPhone? You get the iPod touch, which includes most of the features of its phone-equipped cousin, including dual cameras, a large touchscreen display, and powerful processors. 

iPod classic

Known primarily for its large storage capacity, the iPod classic features a hard drive that goes up to 160GB. Music devotees with huge song libraries love being able to carry their entire collection around in a small, portable device. 

iPod nano

These iPods are designed to hit the sweet spot between portability and functionality. All models feature a screen, and Apple developed seven generations of iPod nano, each with a different form factor. 

iPod shuffle

This type of iPod is designed for music lovers who only want a simple, music-playing device. Lacking a screen interface, the iPod shuffle uses voice prompts to convey info about song tracks and artists.