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Apple Mac Pro: Redefining the Desktop

The Apple Mac Pro combines the latest and greatest in parts and power for the most streamlined computing experience possible. Redefined for efficiency and performance, the Pro offers dual workstation-class GPUs with unbelievable processing power, next generation flash storage, ultra fast memory and unparalleled possibilities for expansion: all in a stunning and sleek chassis that sets the stage for the future of desktop computer design.

Powerful Performance

Take advantage of the Mac Pro’s professional-grade performance capabilities by pushing past the limits of your own productivity. Gaming, video editing, program design, and countless other data-heavy tasks are no match for the Pro’s dual GPUs – employing dedicated VRAM with up to 12 cores of extra processing power make for the most intense, vivid graphics generation possible so you can seamlessly edit 4K video while rendering effects in the background on a second HD monitor. PCIe-based flash storage keeps the Mac Pro super responsive, giving you faster access to data when booting up and launching apps, and springing from standby mode in a flash. Rip through intensive tasks without hiccups or lagging, with memory that runs up to 2.4 times faster than the fastest SATA-based SSDs and up to 10 times faster than a 7200rpm SATA hard drive.

Effortless Expandability

You’re not limited by the built-in specs of the Pro. Designed with high performance expandability options to suit an array of devices and connect to massive amounts of storage, the Mac Pro lets you work exactly how you want. HDMI port connectivity bridges support for next generation televisions, projectors and displays that output high definition graphics, while USB 3.0 provides data transfer for dozens of devices up to ten times faster than 2.0. The addition of a PCI expansion chassis lets you work with the latest external displays and peripherals capable of Ultra HD 4K resolution. Thunderbolt 2 lends up to 20Gbps of bandwidth to each external unit, and by daisy-chaining up to six peripherals, you can connect to up to 36 devices by this mode alone.

Redefined Design

The Mac Pro redefines desktop design from the inside out. With a restructured architecture of internal components and the same innovation carried through to its sleek curved exterior, the Pro’s enhanced chassis is leaner, lighter, quieter and more streamlined than any other desktop before it. At just 25cm tall, this is a true desktop unit that can sit tabletop without being cumbersome. With so much power packed into such a small space, performance is maintained via a unified thermal core that uses a single piece of extruded aluminum to maximize airflow so the Pro’s parts stay working better, longer. In addition, an innovative single fan system pulls air upward through a bottom intake and minimizes air resistance with astonishingly quiet operation. And using the Pro’s array of expansion ports is easy, with an illuminated I/O panel that lights up as you rotate the Pro to plug in a device.

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