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The best smartwatch for your iPhone

Strap on an Apple Watch, and you can do even more with your iPhone

The Apple Watch is an all-in-one lifestyle device that tracks your fitness, keeps you up to date on your daily schedule, helps you de-stress after a busy day, and so much more. There are entry-level options in the Apple Watch series beginning with Apple Watch 3 and Apple Watch SE. If you’d like to move beyond the base model and experience a watch with even more features, you can choose the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra, or the newest models - the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2.

Customize your watch whenever the mood strikes

With an Apple Watch you can switch up your watch style with Apple Watch Accessories whenever you feel like a change. If you’re going to work out, you can switch to a sports band that stays comfortable when you’re in the middle of an intense gym session or run. Whether you have the Apple Watch SE or another model, you can change your watch face to your own photo, a work of art, or a custom screen with your daily workout data, weather, and time.

Track your fitness, heart rates, and more

The Apple Watch series is water resistant and offers you the most fitness and health data possible. You can track your daily steps, be walked through fitness workouts right on your wrist, or find out what fitness zone you’re in to maximize your workout. Using Apple Fitness requires your iPhone. Whether you have the iPhone XS or another model, once connected you can access everything from boxing to biking to yoga workouts or meditation.

With Apple Watch you can monitor your heart rate and use the built-in EKG feature to detect any issues you’d like to bring up with your doctor. The newest Apple Watch models including the Apple Watch Series 9 can monitor your blood oxygen level, so you have data on how your body is processing oxygen during a workout or at any time of the day. The Apple Watch Series 9 also offers emergency services so it can detect if you’re in a serious car crash or if you’ve fallen and need help. You can let the watch detect your emergency automatically or press the side button for emergency assistance.

Charge from 0 to 80% in 45 minutes

The latest Apple Watch is fast charging, so you’ll always be connected. Beginning with the Apple Watch Series 7, you can charge your device from completely dead to 80% in 45 minutes. To save on battery life during your day you can switch your power mode to lower consumption by turning off smart notifications or app updates.

Make and take phone calls with Apple Watch

With Apple Watch you can stay connected to the world even if you leave your phone behind. You can choose an Apple Watch with GPS cellular so you can make and take calls right on your watch, with a plan that automatically renews until cancelled. If you don’t want a cellular plan on for your watch, you can choose an Apple Watch that connects via Wi-Fi and lets you use your iPhone to send calls to your wrist.

Make the most of your Apple Watch with apps

Want to access your apps without opening up your phone? Choose an app from the app store and you can add it to your new Apple Watch. You’ll find everything from party apps to productivity apps to keep you on track during your busy day.

Upgrade your Apple Watch

Have an existing Apple Watch and you’d like to upgrade to the newest model? You can easily transfer your data from one Apple Watch to another. You’ll want to take a look at restrictions and recycling of eligible devices if you’d like to recycle your existing Apple watch. If you have any questions about upgrading from one watch to another, details are available from Apple.