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FAQ About Apple Watch

What is an Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is the vaunted Cupertino company's entry into the burgeoning smartwatch market. Besides being a stylish timepiece, it delivers notifications from your iPhone and works as an activity tracker for the health- and exercise-minded. Whether in the gym, out shopping, or at an important work meeting, the Apple Watch comes in a variety of bands and finishes to suite your look.

How does the Apple Watch work and what can it do?

The relentless need to check your iPhone is alleviated by the Apple Watch. It syncs up with your iPhone to deliver message notifications and email alerts, make quick phone calls, open apps through voice command, and can work as a wallet to hold loyalty cards and plane or event tickets. The Apple smartwatch also contains built-in sensors on the wrist-facing side that work to track health and activity data.

How long does the battery last and do I need a separate charger?

Like most wireless devices, the battery life is determined by the frequency of use. The Apple Watch can run 18 hours on a single charge under normal use. If you're merely checking time on the watch's Retina display, it can last up to 48 hours. However, using it heavily for phone calls, its music control, or workout apps, will reduces battery life to between 3 and 6.5 hours. For those with heavier use, carrying a separate charger will put you mind to rest. That's just one of many Apple Watch accessories available.

What apps does it run and what are the top apps to have?

The Apple iPhone watch comes with an extensive amount of built-in apps, like messages, phone, mail, calendar, and workout, plus lots more, but it also gives you the ability to download new ones from the Apple Store. Whether you're looking for travel, news, sports, entertainment, or health, there's a huge selection of apps available for download, including top apps like Instagram and Uber, and of course new ones are being added every day.