Safe, snug, and ready to go.

Ergonomically designed to keep both you and baby comfortable, carriers and slings are a convenient way to move around together easily.
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On The Move With Baby Carriers and Slings

Choosing a baby sling or infant carrier over a stroller as a way to get around with young children is useful for keeping your baby close while still getting things done. With little ones strapped snugly to your chest, your hands are free to tend to other tasks, letting you easily move your body and limbs around, navigate crowded spaces, and take care of an array of errands while your child snoozes soundly or relaxes right next to you.

Safe, Snug and Sturdily Slung

Infant carriers and slings are a safe and effective means of holding babies comfortably off the ground without a lot of equipment, bulk or strain. They are made of durable yet super supple materials that feel soft against babies’ sensitive skin, and are designed with special ergonomic considerations that keep little ones upright in a natural sitting position with the proper head and neck supports. Buckles, snaps and belts keep babies secure inside carriers without being constrictive, with adjustable lengths and padding in all the right places to maximize comfort for both carried and carrier. Laying against your body heat and the soothing drum of your heartbeat in the way carriers and slings promote can also soothe a fussy or colicky baby and fosters parental bonding for both moms and dads.

Carrier Considerations

Infant carriers and baby slings aren’t only meant to provide comfort and relaxation for the little ones being carried; moms and dads need features that consider the extra weight and strain put on their bodies when they choose to “wear”, instead of push or pull, their wee ones around town. Many carriers are made lightweight and versatile to be worn on the front or back, with baby facing away or towards you. All slings and carriers distribute a baby’s weight throughout your body so you are lending support from your hips rather than having weight pull down on your shoulders and back. Some carriers unbuckle easily so you can move sleeping babes to crib or stroller without waking them, a smooth transition that helps quiet time last just a little bit longer. Slings are also designed to provide support and discretion for breastfeeding.