Backpacks that do double-duty.

Not every backpack is just for school or for work. Some backpacks are built to multi-task, and can go with you from class to the gym to a weekend adventure.
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Choosing the Right Backpack for Every Occasion

Whether you’re heading to school, to the office, or across the globe, taking the right backpack along is important. Best Buy carries a huge selection of backpacks for every occasion, including designs with a variety of storage options, adjustable straps, ergonomic designs, durable construction and quality materials.

Buying a backpack for school

If you need a larger bag to accommodate more books, are trying to make a statement on the first day of high school, or are heading off to college for the first time, Best Buy has the right back to school backpack for you.

When shopping for a school backpack, look for dedicated compartments for gadgets and accessories, comfortable straps and external, zippered pockets for quick-grab items. Our assortment of stylish school backpacks from brands like Jansport, Roots, and Burton are sure to turn heads in the hallways while still giving you plenty of room for your laptop, gym clothes and more.

When sending your kids to school, choose backpacks with adjustable straps, unique designs and loads of storage space. For every type of student, you may also want to consider roller backpacks or backpacks on wheels. No matter if you’re carrying multiple textbooks and a laptop or several binders and your gym strip, a roller backpack will make getting to class easy.

Buying a backpack for travel

Your travel bag works overtime as your travel companion, suitcase, lifeline and occasionally, your pillow. Because a travel backpack has to stand up to every adventure, make sure you choose one that is strong, versatile, and theft-proof.

Look for bags with hydration reservoirs, travel document compartments, adjustable waist straps and ergonomic shoulder straps to keep you organized and comfortable. Best Buy carries a variety of quality travel backpacks, crossbody bags, and rucksack bags from premium brands like Swiss Gear and High Sierra.

Whether you’re backpacking across Europe or trekking the trails in Peru, keeping an eye on your belongings is easier when you travel with an anti-theft backpack. They have features like zipper locks and hidden zips, and they come pre-packed with great features including built-in USB plugs to keep your phone charged and water-proof, slash-proof fabrics so no one will be able to cut your bag when you’re not looking.

Buying hiking backpacks

Hiking backpacks or utility backpacks are a must-have if you’re heading off on a wilderness adventure or scaling a mountain. You can find hiking backpacks made from lightweight and durable fabrics that are waterproof and slash-proof. They have accessible compartments to store your extra shoes or clothes, and you can find styles with built-in water bottles so you can sip while you hike.

Hiking backpacks and utility backpacks are designed to make it easy to carry heavy loads, and they have padded shoulder straps and frameless designs to evenly distribute weight.

Buying a backpack for work

From messenger bags to work backpacks to laptop bags, your work bag needs to be the perfect blend of style and function. When choosing a backpack for work you should look for features including padded laptop compartments, dedicated tablet sleeves, padded handles, card slots, and a variety of internal and exterior compartments to keep your supplies and gadgets organized.

Best Buy has an assortment of stylish work backpacks from brands like Kenneth Cole, and they are made of quality, durable materials like genuine leather and nylon or polyester. You can also find roller backpacks to make it convenient to move your tech and files from meeting to meeting.

Buying a designer or fashion backpack

A designer backpack isn’t just something to hold your books and tech; it’s an ultra-stylish backpack that doubles as a fashion statement. You can use a fashion backpack for school, travel, or for work and you’ll find a wide assortment of designer styles including black leather, brown leather, and retro canvas.

The mini backpack and backpack purse trend is just getting started, and these trendy mini bags make it easy to carry your phone, wallet, and makeup. Best Buy has a great selection of mini backpacks and backpack purses to swap out for your purse or handbag. They’re small, compact, and lightweight to carry your must-have accessories without wasting an inch of space, and they’re available in a variety of styles to match every outfit.

For back to school or every day, Best Buy has the best backpacks for everyone.

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