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Rear View Backup Cameras

Now you can parallel park with ease and avoid flattening your garbage cans with the help of a dedicated backup camera! These handy cameras take the mystery out of backing up and make life as a driver a whole lot easier. If there’s an otherwise invisible object blocking your path when you put your car in reverse, a backup camera will help you to see and avoid hitting it. Quality backup cameras take the guesswork out of backing into tight parking spots and poorly lit areas as well. And, depending on the type, they can easily see all of the places that your rearview mirrors simply can’t. It’s like having an extra pair of eyes built into the back of your head! Simply put, backup cameras exist to make driving your vehicle in reverse safer and easier than ever before.

Key Backup Camera Features

Not all backup cameras are created equally. Some models include features that others either don’t have at all or have lesser quality versions of. Key features to look for in a high quality backup camera include the ability to record in Full HD (1080p) video (so you’ll see everything that’s captured in picture perfect clarity), an LCD screen (for high resolution viewing of everything that’s behind you), parking assist lines (to make backing into even the tightest of parking spaces an absolute breeze), and the ability to adjust automatically to any and all levels of lighting (for increased visibility no matter what the lighting conditions). These are not the only features you can expect to find when shopping for a backup camera, but they’re certainly among the most desirable features to look for in any backup camera of superior quality.

Backup Camera Types

Backup cameras come in a variety of different types & styles. For instance, there are rearview mirror backup cameras (ones that take the place of your windshield’s rearview mirror), and there are also rear window backup cameras (which you mount in the rear window of your vehicle). Some backup cameras even come designed to work hand-in-hand with a front facing dashboard camera to provide your car with complete forward and rear facing camera coverage & protection. While the type and model of backup camera you choose is entirely up to you, it may be wise to first do some research to determine the advantages and disadvantages of a number of individual products. Once you’re fully aware of what’s available, you can make a more advantageous choice for you and your vehicle.