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Get Ready for Summer Grilling with BBQ Parts and Accessories

In Canada, summer is grilling season. Our long, beautiful days are the perfect backdrop for backyard cookouts and family-friendly meals, and it's easy to spend all evening socializing with loved ones over a delicious dinner.

The right BBQ parts and accessories can help you get the most of every grilling day—and extend the season into the fall and winter for those who just can't get enough barbecue.

Must-have BBQ accessories

Add on to your grilling experience by getting the best tools for your barbecuing style. Dishwasher-friendly stainless steel flippers and tongs are a great way to make sure any after-dinner cleanup will be easy as pie, and sensitive thermometers will help you figure out exactly when to take items off the grill. With the right thermometer, every steak comes off the grill delicious and juicy, and every burger is finished with just the right amount of char.

Make sure you're taking your grilling game up to the next level with mouth-watering BBQ sauces, rubs, and glazes. Ready-made marinades will help you produce restaurant-quality items at home with minimal prep work and cleanup, so you can easily grill on both weekdays and weekends.

What BBQ parts are available?

For the best results possible, it's important to keep your BBQ in top condition. Make sure that your barbecue grill grates are clean and rust-free all throughout the year, and replace when necessary.

Many barbecues and grill issues can be fixed at home with replacement parts and repair kits, which will help you extend the life of your grill.

More BBQ accessories to enrich your grilling experience

If you're serious about backyard grilling, it's okay to spoil yourself a little! Extra accessories and tools can elevate your cooking and dining experience, and make great gifts for grill masters. Simple items like reusable skewers or brand new basting brushes make the grilling process easier, and different thermometers (from infrared to Bluetooth) can help your backyard barbecue reach new levels of precision.

Treat the grilling enthusiasts in your life with new culinary tools, and consider adding a high-quality cover to your barbecue to show it a little love, too. Rip-stop grill covers will help your charcoal grills, BBQs, and smokers last for as long as possible even in rainy and snowy conditions, while insulated covers help you grill year round. Insulated, heat- and fire-resistant covers help keep the temperatures inside your grill consistent, so you can grill with less maintenance even in the winter.