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BBQ tools and BBQ utensils get you ready for grilling season

Summer is BBQ season. If you’re excited to get grilling this year, you’ll want to set your grill up so it’s in top condition. That means choosing all of the BBQ tools and BBQ utensils you’ll need to grill every day.

What BBQ tools should you choose?

BBQ tools include items designed to protect your BBQ and make it easier to grill. There are a few must-have BBQ tools you’ll want to bring home before grilling season kicks off.

BBQ cover

Your BBQ is outside in the elements for an entire season. If left out in the rain your grates and internal components could rust, so covering it with a BBQ cover is important. You can find BBQ covers in various sizes to cover different brands of grill.

BBQ connections

BBQs run on propane, and most people bring home a propane tank to connect to the BBQ. Before you BBQ this year, take a look at the hoses and connections to your propane tank. If you need to replace them, you can find a variety of propane hoses and propane splitters on Best Buy.

Natural gas connections for BBQ

Is this the year you connect your BBQ to natural gas? Once your gas fitter has set up your new gas connection you can choose quick connect kits to adapt your BBQ for natural gas.

Smoking kits for BBQ

One of the must-have BBQ tools for every griller are smoking chips. Smoking chips add flavour to whatever you’re BBQing.

What BBQ utensils are available?

There are quite a few different BBQ utensils you can choose to enhance your time in front of the BBQ.

BBQ spatulas and utensil sets

To make the most out of your grilling sessions, you’ll need a grilling spatula, grilling tongs, and grilling fork. They are designed to be longer than standard kitchen utensils so you can keep your hand away from flames, and they are made of stainless steel so high heat won’t melt or scorch them.

BBQ brushes

A BBQ brush and BBQ cleaner will keep your BBQ in top shape by scraping any excess food debris from your grates.

BBQ thermometers

A grill or BBQ thermometer and a meat probe will let you know exactly when your meat is safe to eat.

Rotisserie for BBQ

Choose a rotisserie attachment for your BBQ and you’ll be able to roast whole chicken over your grill.

You can find all of the BBQ utensils and BBQ tools you need on Best Buy right now.