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Bicycles Provide Fun and Exercise for the Whole family

Riding bicycles is a great way to have fun while enjoying fresh air and getting valuable exercise whether you ride on your own or with the whole family.

The Many Types of Bicycles

There are more types of bicycles available today than ever before. From kids’ bikes and tricycles to road bikes, mountain bikes, and everyday cruisers, there’s truly something for everyone. Some bikes fold up for easy storage and transportation, while others are built for multiple riders at once. More recently we’ve seen the advent of the electric bicycle, which has all the appeal of a standard bike with the added benefit of electronic pedal assist for those times when you need that extra little boost. Whether adult or child, casual rider or pro, there’s a great bicycle available for every need and desire. And because bikes come in such a wide variety of options and styles, there’s something for every budget as well!

The Great Thing About Riding Bicycles

The great thing about riding bicycles is that there are many great things about riding bicycles. It’s a wonderful outdoor activity, it’s great exercise, it’s easy for virtually anyone to master, and it’s enormous fun for riders of all ages. It’s also a quick and reliable way for people to get around—particularly those without motor vehicles (for many, it’s a great option for commuting to work).

Bicycles also offer a variety of different speeds, making them easy to ride whether your area is flat or hilly. And, aside from occasionally filling the tires or oiling the chain, bikes are relatively low-maintenance machines. But perhaps best of all, bicycles facilitate the perfect family activity. Whether your family is large or small, and no matter the size, age, weight, or bike preference of each individual member, you can all enjoy riding your bicycles together.

Riding Proficiency Begins Early

If you have young children in the house, getting them started with learning to ride a bike early is a major advantage. It will not only help them to adjust more easily to larger and more advanced bikes as they grow up, but it also provides them the opportunity to enjoy riding throughout their childhood. What’s more, the abilities kids develop while learning to ride a bike (like balance, for instance), are sure to benefit them in other ways as they get older. And don’t worry about the occasional spill—it happens to everyone and is just part of the learning process. With accidents comes the need for courage to try again, and it’s this trying again (and succeeding) that ultimately builds confidence in every aspect of life.

Choosing Your Ideal Bicycle

Perhaps the most important aspect of choosing your ideal bicycle is getting one that’s the correct size. A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to stand straddling the bike with your feet flatly on the ground even though your posterior is hovering closely above the seat. Remember, a bike that’s too big will be very difficult to ride—particularly when getting on and off.

Also, don’t forget about all the great bicycle accessories that are available. Things like speedometers, baskets, and headlights can make biking both more fun and more functional. Finally, it’s important to consider where you will do the majority of your riding. For instance, what kind of terrain will you be riding on, and will it be hilly or flat? These considerations weigh heavily into the kind of bicycle you should ultimately choose (i.e., don’t choose a cruiser if your main objective is mountain biking!).