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Cozy blankets and throws are the perfect home accessory

Home may be where the heart is, but it’s also where all of your blankets are. Cozy living room blankets and throws turn any house into a home, providing much-deserved comfort at the end of a long day.

Fuzzy Fleece Blankets and Other Couch Cozies

Extra blankets in the bedroom are comfortable and practical, but living room throws are one area where you get to express your creativity. While you might have one or two blankets in your bedroom in addition to a comforter, many people will keep numerous blankets in their living spaces. They’re a practical way to add colour to a room, or to show your love for your favourite movie or sports team.

The best part about having a big blanket stash is that no one has to share when company comes over, so you can have a group movie night in comfort. Look for washable throw blankets for easy care, and add a few fuzzy blankets to your stash for cold winter nights.

The Best Blanket Fabrics

TV binging is a major part of modern culture. Like most things, it’s an experience that’s enhanced by a great blanket. Cotton blankets are hypoallergenic and easy to wash, making them a great place to start. They’ll offer a middling amount of warmth, and very little static electricity.

Fuzzy polyester and synthetic microfiber blankets are also easy to wash, but offer less warmth. They’re often more stain-resistant than natural materials like cotton, which makes them great for families with kids. Look for quilted or ribbed synthetic blankets for a compromise between a grown-up aesthetic and a child-friendly textile!

For extra warmth, seek a wool blanket, or opt for cashmere if your budget allows. Like cotton, wool blankets are breathable, but they’re often harder to wash. For those without animal allergies, however, wool offers significantly more warmth, and cashmere gives all that plus a cozy finish. Cashmere blankets make great “bedroom throws” in areas without kids, as they’re super soft but easy to stain or tear.

Electric Blankets for Canadian Winters

Blankets are great for trapping heat—which is great, unless you’re a naturally chilly person. An electric blanket will quickly add the warmth that you’ve been missing. Heated electric blankets have a soft, covered finish that surrounds a wired core, which will keep you toasty all through the winter. They’re self-contained with no visible wires, and have auto-shutoff features to prevent over-heating.

Look for electric blankets that are made with an “ultra soft” or “fleece” body for the best experience possible, and go one size up for all blankets and throws if you’re trying to choose between two sizes. You deserve the extra comfort!