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Mix Things Up with Blender Accessories

If you own a professional blender, you're probably in awe of everything it can do: churn ice cream, make nut milk, crush ice for margaritas, puree soups … and the list goes on. But, if you want to transform your already stellar appliance into an all-star, then consider investing in separate blender accessories. Accessories like blender jars, personal cups, and tampers are not only great when you need to replace blender parts; they're also invaluable additions if your blender is an everyday staple in your kitchen.

What Are the Top Blender Accessories?

Before choosing the right blender accessories for you, look at your existing blender parts and consider how accessories can make the blender more efficient. Here are some of the most popular blender accessories:

Blender Jars

Yes, your blender already has a jar. So, why would you need another one? Well, blenders are versatile appliances, but their included jars and blades may not be designed to do everything (even though it may seem like it). Invest in a dry blade blender jar to turn your smoothie-making, soup-pureeing blender into a coffee grinder, spice maker, and dough kneader. Or pick up a smaller specialty jar designed for baby food, thick dips, and shakes. Having dedicated jars for wet blending and dry grinding will also help maintain the longevity of the jars' blades.

Personal Cups

If smoothies are part of your morning ritual, consider adding a personal blending cup to the mix. With a personal cup, you can blend your favourite concoctions of frozen fruits, yogurt, and protein powders directly in the cup you'll be drinking from; it would be like having your own personal blender. Look for one with an included spill-proof lid for mess-free portability. Some personal blending cups also come with a separate blade base or adapter, making it a cinch to use them with your existing blender. Just double-check the compatibility between the personal cup and your blender.


If your blender doesn't already have one, add a tamper to ease the blending process. A tamper can push ingredients toward the blade and remove air pockets, ensuring silky-smooth shakes, lump-free mashed potatoes, and velvety soups. Keep in mind, some blenders may not be able to accommodate a tamper if their lids don't have openings for them.

Immersion Blender Accessories

If you own an immersion blender, you can boost its functionality with accessories like a grinder attachment or processor attachment. A grinder attachment lets you grind coffee beans, spices, nuts, and other foods with an immersion blender, while a processor attachment can mince wet and dry ingredients.