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3 Tips on How to Choose the Ideal Bookshelf

Bookcases aren’t just for Jane Austen novels or history hardbacks. They offer shelving for anything you want to store, whether it’s books, family photos, or decorative pieces. If you’re looking for a bookcase, such as wall bookshelves, corner bookcases, or bookcases with glass doors for your living space, check out these tips to help you make an informed decision.

1. Consider what you need to store on the bookcase.

Do you have stacks of paperbacks to store or a few prized collectibles to show off? Determine what you need to store to help you find the ideal bookshelf for your space. A traditional wood bookcase with fixed or adjustable shelves can serve well for books, DVDs, picture frames, and other items, while a bookcase with cabinets or doors can keep your precious memorabilia protected.

2. Measure the space where you plan to put the bookcase.

Before buying a bookcase, whether it's floating bookshelves, wall bookshelves, or even corner bookcases it’s important to ensure you have the room for it. Use masking tape two map out the space where you plan to put the bookshelf and then measure this space. When shopping for bookcases, pay attention to the dimensions, including the width, height, and depth, to ensure the one you choose will fit into your space. If you need additional storage solutions, filing cabinets and office storage can also help in organizing your space.

3. Match the shelving unit to your room’s décor.

Bookshelves come in a variety of styles to suit different décor. Contemporary bookcases can bring flair to your living space with open, geometrical shelves, ladder designs, and other modern looks, while simple, traditional bookshelves will fit nicely into most spaces. If you have a tight corner to fill, corner bookshelves can be an excellent choice. Choose a bookcase style and colour that complements the other furniture in the room for a cohesive look, such as your desks and workstations or office chairs. Don't forget to protect your floors with our range of chair mats and check out our selection of office furniture for any additional needs.