Visualize Your Great Idea on a Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards serve many functions. For some of us, they're the perfect place to find a babysitter the old-fashioned way, with a "help wanted" sign outside the local grocery store. For others, they're a way to preserve memories at home, with instant photos pinned up around the border of an old cork pin board.

What are Bulletin Boards Designed For?

Bulletin boards help us share and seek, but they also help us create, grow, and plan. They can be adapted to suit many different needs. Most bulletin boards are designed to be permanent, as an installation that gets screwed into or nailed into a wall. While the messages pinned to them change with time, the board itself is made to last.

What is a Bulletin Board Make Of?

Back in the day, bulletin boards more or less just meant one thing: cork boards. These soft, old rectangles gave us somewhere to spread our message from, like a permanent town crier.

Thankfully, bulletin boards have progressed alongside the rest of society. We now have plenty of options for pinning up our messages and memories, both digitally and physically. Traditional cork boards have a classic look and remain popular in public, high-traffic areas, such as a community hall or classroom wall, but there are alternatives for those seeking a different overall look.

Magnetic bulletin boards (and magnetic whiteboards used as bulletin boards) are an excellent option for durability and cleanliness. They're available in different colours and finishes, including high-impact neon and other coated metals, making them an excellent choice for children's bedrooms and playrooms. On the other side of the spectrum are fabric bulletin boards, which are an Instagram-friendly alternative and popular DIY project.

Bulletin Board Ideas to Inspire

With so many options for builds and uses, installing a new bulletin board can be overwhelming—but it doesn't have to be. The right board can be as simple as a plain, brown notice board, or as sleek as a single, dry-erase-friendly metal panel.

In other cases, your bulletin board can help you grow. It can inspire you, your family, your students, or your company. It's easy to build an eco-friendly fabric bulletin board at home, with natural cork panels and second-hand fabric, or to dress up a ready-made one with colourful pins and designs. Try breaking in your new bulletin board by creating a mood board for an upcoming project that you can't wait to get started, and let the ideas flow.

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