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Stock up on business supplies

No matter the type of business, business supplies are essential. What office supplies you need might vary, but it’s always a good time to stock up.

What types of business supplies should you get?

Every business is different, but there are some office supplies that every company uses, like printer paper, pens, calculators, cork boards, sticky tape, hooks, notepads, power outlets, storage bins, envelopes, shipping tags, and bubble wrap.

Ever business, however, also has unique needs. A consumer-facing store or restaurant, or an office that is frequently visited by guests or occupied by employees for a typical 9-5, might need a soap dispenser, hand sanitizer kit, napkins, and paper towels. A simple “open” sign and ropes and banners to organize line-ups are worthwhile. To ensure the business accommodates all visitors, consider less common items like wheelchair ramps.

A clothing retailer, meanwhile, might need mannequins, a restaurant cash aprons, and both will require cash registers. Order-taking businesses can use floor or wall racks to store inventory and can keep track using purchase order forms. Needs vary, but luckily, there’s a diverse selection of office products at Best Buy.

Useful tech business supplies

Tech and businesses of all kinds go hand in hand. A barcode scanner is useful for scanning items, whether it’s to sell to customers or stock in your own inventory.

Square hardware is a simple and affordable way for small businesses to accept payments using contactless, mag stripe, and chip and PIN cards, including both credit and debit, as well as mobile pay apps. Products start with the simple portable reader for on-the-go businesses and move up to the desk-mounted terminal, larger dual-display Register, and the POS Stand for iPad. There’s a solution for every type and size of business, from a single storefront to multiple locations or various sales points.

Beyond other obvious tech business supplies like computer peripherals, printers, copiers, and scanners, warehouse workers or those who deal with audio equipment might have use for spectrum analyzers. Want your business to stand out? Consider an LED sign to liven up the look.

When should you stock up on business supplies?

It’s always a good time to stock up on business supplies. Rather than wait until you’re completely out of something, whether it be printer paper, cash register rolls, storage bins, or bubble wrap, having overstock ensures that you never actually run out.

Ideally, wait until there are good deals and sales and take advantage of them, whether you’re almost out of stock or not. You’ll save money in the long run and keep your business running efficiently.

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