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Complete your vehicle with car lights

Lights are essential for any vehicle, and replacement and enhancement lights can truly make a car shine.

What different types of car headlights and other lights are available?

Every vehicle has lights, inside and out. On the exterior, lights include headlights, driving lamps, parking lights, direction/signal lights, stoplights, blinker lights, taillights, backup lights, fog lights, daytime driving lights, and hazard or warning lights. You can find traditional halogen lights, more modern LED, as well as high intensity (HID) lights that produce bright blue/white light.

Depending on the type of light and vehicle, they come in a variety of colours, from basic white to amber, blue, red, green, and even multicolour. Find car lights to fit multiple vehicles and ones for specific vehicles and/or manufacturers, from Toyota to Chevrolet, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Mazda, Fiat, and more.

To choose a car light, check the OEM part number as well as the vehicle compatibility list to confirm it will fit. Many car lights come in distinct shapes and sizes to fit a vehicle's style and curvatures so you will be able to visually tell as well.

What's the difference between LED car lights and other types?

For many years, halogen lights were the standard in vehicles: they are cheap to manufacture and simple to replace. But the latest vehicles feature LED lights or can be upgraded to them.

What's the advantage with LED? LED is more energy efficient overall, making it an attractive option. They generate less heat, which means they won't burn out like halogen lights can. They last longer overall, cast a wider pattern, and emit a whiter colour. By contrast, halogen lights have a more yellowish tinge to them and aren't as bright.

LED technology is also more versatile, affording the option to create bulbs in a variety of different shapes and sizes. This, in turn, has allowed vehicle and light manufacturers to get more creative with their designs. LED bulbs, however, are also more expensive.

Why might you need/want to purchase car lights for your vehicle?

You might be looking at car lights to switch to LED car lights that are more efficient, last longer, and offer better visibility. If you have ever been pulled over because of a burned-out halogen light, you can see the worth in upgrading to LED.

Maybe there's a crack in the light or a car accident means a replacement is needed. With simple two-wire installation, mount kit, and plugs, you can do this on your own.

There are also aesthetic car lights, like LED light bars and strips designed to provide a custom look for the front of the vehicle. These are slim to fit in tight areas, use self-adhesive backing, and can be cut to fit everything from a car to a truck, van, motorcycle, bicycle, or even boat. Meanwhile, custom ambient interior lighting is a popular option for decorative purposes inside the car, including lights that offer smart remote control through an app.