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Cell phone cases

You probably feel naked without your phone. And your phone is naked without a case. Not only does a case protect the precious device from bumps, falls, and scratches, but the latest selection from brands like Otterbox, Lifeproof, Case-mate, Speck, Kate Spade, Modal, Platinum, and Insignia are ultra-stylish, turning your tech device into a fashion statement.

Cell phone cases fall into one of a few specific categories.

Hard shell cellular case

A hard shell case offers arguably the best protection for challenging situations. Some come with several layers, including a rubber insert and polycarbonate outer shell. Others include two pieces that snap together to protect the entire back and perimeter of the device. But there are simpler, one-piece designs in this category, too.

Soft shell cellular case

Typically, soft shell cases are thinner, and wrap around the perimeter of the phone to cover its back and sides. Some have a raised front lip that offers additional protection for the screen in the event of an accidental drop. This also means you can confidently place the phone face down on a table without fear of the screen getting scratched. They’re often made of material like TPU.

Cell phone skin

A skin is just that: an ultra-thin skin that adds minimal bulk to the device, but offers a funky design, splash of colour, or lets the phone’s colour shine through. They protect the back of the device from scratches.

Purse, pouch, folio, or wallet

Particularly appealing to the fashion-conscious, these cases do double duty as phone holders and wallets, with slots for credit cards, cash, and other small items alongside a special holder for the phone. They are often made of leather or leather-like materials, or hail from fashion designer brands, for a more sophisticated look.

Unique cell phone case features

Some cases boast unique features, like waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof protection. Power cases include back-up battery power for the device once charged up. You can even find cases with built-in kickstands, finger holders, or designer patterns.

What to consider

It can be tough to decide: which one is right for you? Consider how you use the phone, and for what purposes. Do you work outdoors, in inclement weather? It might be wise to get a rugged hard shell case, potentially even one that’s waterproof. Are you on your phone often? A battery case might prove useful. If fashion is top of mind, consider a case with a bold design that matches your personal style.