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Get your work done and enjoy mobile entertainment for less with a Chromebook

What is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are laptops that run Google’s Chrome OS instead of Windows or macOS. Chrome OS has lower hardware requirements than other operating systems. As a result, Chromebooks can deliver solid performance without being equipped with the latest CPU or the amount of RAM found in traditional laptops. This makes Chromebooks a very affordable option. They can also run Android apps, and are available in multiple form factors including 2-in-1 laptops.

Add in the close integration with Google Workspace, and it’s no wonder that Chromebooks have become a popular choice for students.

What are the key features of a Chromebook?

Besides an affordable price, Chromebooks have a number of key features.

One of the most important is the high level of automatic, built-in security. Google uses sandboxing, so apps run in a protected space that prevents them from accessing data they shouldn’t. This also supports multiple users, each with their own private space. Each Chromebook is equipped with a security chip that encrypts critical data. Every time a Chromebook is booted, it goes through a security process that quickly identifies and neutralizes any malware. And Chrome OS gets automatic security updates.

In addition, Chromebooks have advanced features like the ability to run Android apps from Google Play, support for Google Assistant, fast booting, offline access, close integration with services like Google Drive, and extended battery life.

Why should you choose a Chromebook?

Many students choose a Chromebook because that’s the recommended platform of their school board. However, Chromebooks are a great choice for anyone who wants basic computing capabilities (web surfing, video streaming, social media updates, email, productivity, and casual gaming) in a compact, and affordable device.

What companies make Chromebooks?

A wide range of PC manufacturers make Chromebooks. At the premium end, Google Chromebook models are meant to be a showcase for the platform, but a wide range of companies including Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung also offer Chromebooks in a variety of sizes and form factors. It’s also possible to find Chromebooks that are equipped with a choice of Intel or AMD processors.

What should you consider before buying a Chromebook?

The primary consideration before buying a Chromebook is what you want to use it for. Chromebooks are an excellent option for general computing tasks.

However, other than casual online games and Android games, Chromebooks aren’t a good choice for gaming. They are also not intended for use in applications that have a high processor and GPU requirement, such as 3D modelling and 4K video editing. While many popular applications are available for Chromebooks (either as an app or online), specialized software for PCs may not have a Chrome OS version.

Once you’ve decided a Chromebook will suit your needs, then it’s a matter of picking the perfect model. Factors to consider include form factor, screen size and resolution, processor, RAM, storage capacity, battery life, and budget. Parents may also want to watch for durability as some manufacturers offer toughened versions designed for young students.

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