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Stay Connected without Complication

Whether you’re looking to create a wireless hub in your home or to stay connected while on the go, networking technology will help you forge your connection. Best Buy carries a wide selection of routers, extenders, hubs and adapters from brands like D-Link, Linksys, Netgear, ASUS and Startech, and that work with networks from AC to N. Access the internet, share your world over social media, and stream content from one device to another without worrying about messy cables or complicated configurations.

Wireless Routers

A wireless router is designed for creating a network within your home or office. Wireless AC is the latest of the wireless technologies and offers the most robust and reliable signal for your devices, using speeds up to 4.3 times faster than Wireless N connections can manage. It’s also backwards compatible with Wireless N and G devices, and lets you share peripherals like printers with other computers on your network, as well as wirelessly stream content to and from media servers and multimedia players. The addition of a range extender or powerline device to your wireless network can strengthen signals and bring life to dead zones.

Wired Routers

wired router allows you to plug your devices directly into a unit for a fast, solid connection to your network. Several Ethernet ports are made available so you’ve got plenty of room for a variety of devices like a game console, computer, laptop, TV and more. And just like a wireless model, a wired router offers advanced security features so you can feel totally safe downloading files and sharing information over your network. The addition of a range extender to your wired network can strengthen signals and bring life to dead zones.

Wireless USB Adapters

Mobile internet sticks are designed for use with your laptop, letting you access your online world from wherever you roam. These handy and innovative devices plug directly into a USB port on your laptop to give you access to broadband connectivity through a service provider. Most are so easy to use, you simply plug it in and you’re good to surf, stream and share as you please on a solid, high speed connection that moves around with you.