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  • Make Rock-a-Bye Baby Feel as Soothing as it Sounds with a Comfy Crib Mattress and Bedding

    While you might prefer your bundle of joy cuddled in your arms, your baby will spend most of their time tucked in a crib, and with sleep training or plain luck, dozing soundly. When it comes to crib mattresses and crib bedding, comfort and safety are paramount. A mattress should offer proper support and fight snug in the crib. The bedding fabric should feel good against delicate skin and keep your little one warm without overheating.

    Crib Bedding and Mattress Basics

    Babies spend over half of their time sleeping in their first year, so outfitting your infant's crib is a priority. There are 2 types of mattresses to consider: foam and innerspring. Foam mattresses are lightweight and comparatively inexpensive, while innerspring mattresses are durable and generally firmer. With either type, firmer is better; a good quality mattress should snap back and not conform. You'll need a sheet with elasticized edges to fit snugly around your mattress. Choose soft, breathable fabric like cotton or microfibre; flannel is great for retaining heat when the temperature cools.

    Nice-to-Have Crib Extras

    While a fitted sheet is really the only crib necessity, you may also want to invest in a crib pad, especially a waterproof one, to help absorb body moisture so your little one stays cool and dry, and prevent mattress stains. Sheets usually come in pairs, and may be packaged with nice-to-haves, such as a matching crib skirt or dust ruffles to dress up the crib, a crib quilt for extra warmth, or a crib bumper to prevent tangling with crib bars. Be aware of potential safety risks like intrepid toddlers using bumpers to climb out. Make sure everything's machine washable so you save time on cleanup.

    Decorating, Crib Accessories and Beyond

    When envisioning your nursery, consider baby mobiles that'll help soothe your little one with gentle sounds or tunes. If you have décor in mind, bedding sets are great for building a cohesive theme. The options are endless: classic patterns, coordinating colours in muted or vibrant tones, cartoon graphics, animal or flower prints, and more. If you have a baby shower registry or wish list, you can choose sets in girl or boy colour schemes, or more flexible gender-neutral themes to match your existing home décor.

    When your child's ready to transition to a bed, Best Buy offers toddler bedding sets in a wide variety of designs. Get your little tot to snuggle up with their favourite characters, or add some colour to your kid's room. Sets usually come with a fitted sheet, top sheet, comforter or quilt, pillow cases, and storage bag.