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Travelling is easier with a great duffle bag

For those frequently on the go, there’s nothing quite like a duffle bag. A standard duffle bag (“duffel” is also correct) holds a generous amount, with one big benefit: with only one main compartment, you’re better equipped to carry odd-shaped items.

The traditional duffle bag originates in the military, with a drawstring closure on one end and a vertical shape. The modern duffle is a little different, and may also be referred to as a gym bag or weekender bag. It’s a large, top-handled bag, with soft sides and a zippered closure.

When to Use a Duffle Bag

Duffle bags are great for short jaunts: weekend trips, overnights, and popping into the gym. The unique shape of a duffle bag means that you can fit objects into it that may not necessarily fit into a piece of rectangular, luggage, like running shoes or a tennis racquet.

Likewise, duffle bags are a great way to pack for a weekend trip while keeping things casual. You can comfortably fit a few different outfits into a duffle bag alongside a pair of dress shoes and a toiletry kit. Despite their large size, their top handle makes it easy to carry them by hand, unlike most backpacks.

Different Types of Duffle Bags

Barrel style duffle bags are tube-shaped, and offer the most variety. For sports bags, a popular choice

Weekender duffle bags are a similar option, but they tend to offer more structure. They’re often taller and more narrow, which can make them easier to carry for women or those with a smaller frame. Because of their slimmer profile, weekender bags typically hold a little less, and cannot fit any shoes or sports equipment.

Travel Duffel Bags and More

Finally, for trips that take you farther away, look for a duffle bag with wheels. Travel duffles, or rolling duffle bags, will make it easier for you to go from one end of the airport to the other while making your connections. However, make sure to note that not every rolling duffel bag is suitable for use as a carry-on, and yours may need to be checked at the gate!

When selecting a type of duffel bag, make sure to consider the volume, ruggedness, and ease of use of the bag. Softer materials like canvas, nylon, and smooth leather will be lighter and easier to use, while vintage-style leather bags will take years to break in… But will last you a lifetime.

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