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Get the Gains At Home

Prefer to work out in the comfort of your own home? You can bring the gym right in to your house. Sounds impossible? Well, you can. With the right equipment and space, you can set up your own personal gym with a full set of dumbbells, barbells, & much more in your garage.

Setting Up a Personal Gym

It takes just a few steps to setup your own gym. First, make space for training and equipment. Second, plan your training style. Third, choose the right equipment & machines that fit your budget. Finally, you’re all set to pair it up with all the weights that fits your training style. Let's get a detailed look at the types of weights & medicine balls available at Best Buy.

Work Your Every Muscle with Dumbbells

Dumbbells come in different sizes and forms. You can have a complete workout session by only using dumbbells if you want. There are multiple exercises that can be performed using dumbbells like the biceps curl, triceps press, shoulder press and more. Perfect for targeted training, they are suited for any workout style.

Types of Dumbbells

Fixed dumbbells: These are the most common tools available for work outs. You can just pick up a pair and start working at a stretch without the need to add weights. Hex style dumbbells are a slight alternative to the traditional round ones. The faceted hexagon design of these dumbbells allows you to place them anywhere without worrying about sliding. Studio dumbbells are lighter and smaller versions of fixed dumbbells. They are primarily used for cardio and warm up exercises.

Traditional dumbbells made of chrome or cast-iron have been around for a long time and are available as a single piece or adjustable ones. The only drawback is that these dumbbells can lose their shine after continuous use and begin to chip and dent. Rubber or urethane coated dumbbells have flooded the market and offer a perfect solution to withstand wear, impact and falls. They also prevent scratches on the floor and storage shelves. Urethane coated dumbbells are an upgraded version of rubber dumbbells. They are stronger and thicker, plus they do not produce the unpleasant odour that rubber emits.

Adjustable Dumbbells: Like all good things, the fixed dumbbell also has a downside. Due to the fixed weight, you will have to buy a set with more weights, thus needing a bigger space for storage. These problems can be countered by adjustable dumbbells, which let you add or remove the weight plates or discs as you please. Just slide in the weights and secure them with the fastener, so they don't fall off during workout. Rubber and urethane coated weights are available, just like in the fixed category.

Turn Up Your Training with Barbells

Barbells make heavy workouts like squads, deadlifts and shoulder press easier than dumbbells. Since barbells keep both the arms engaged, they are perfect for beginners to learn balance and co-ordination. Also, you can stack more weights in a barbell than in a dumbbell, making it suitable for intense workouts.

Barbells come in different types. Olympic, EZ curl and cardio are some of the common rods. Each bar is designed for specific style of training. So, it is important to understand your need and buy the one that fits your style. Just like dumbbells, barbells too have fixed, adjustable, hex, rubber and urethane coated types.

All-in-One Training with Kettlebells

Kettlebells are ball-shaped weights with flat base and a single handle that is suitable for both cardio and strength training. They are compact and can easily substitute dumbbells and barbells. Unlike other free weights, they have an unbalanced weight design that work your stabilizing muscles more intensely.

Kettlebell training utilizes every muscle of your body, making it perfect for full body workout. It involves unconventional movements like swings and twists that make training fun and engaging. This training style requires rapid movements, which burns up fat faster than conventional training methods.

Burn Fat Faster with a Medicine Ball

You’d be surprised to know how much you can train with just a ball. Just like kettlebell training, medicine ball involves varied movements and motions that can use every part of your body, helping you burn calories faster.

Medicine ball training is suitable for people of all ages. It’s also extremely versatile that you can create your own workouts based on your style and requirement, because that's the beauty of medicine ball training. The possibilities are limitless.