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Choose fitness tracker accessories to help your device last

Now that you’ve taken charge of your health by getting a fitness and activity tracker to monitor your movement and activity, it’s time to personalize it. Whether you want a fancier band for dressy occasions, or you need a new band for the gym, there are all kinds of fitness tracker accessories that can help your tracker better fit your lifestyle.

What are some fitness tracker accessories to compliment my device?

Replacement bands

Whether you’ve selected a Fitbit, Garmin, or Samsung Gear, there are replacement bands for every need; whether you need something rugged for sports and recreational activities, something more , or just another option for every day.

Extra/replacement Charger

Keeping your tracker fully charged means all your steps and activities get counted and you get proper credit for your hard work and dedication! Having an extra charger at the office and one at home means that any time you’re getting low you can recharge your new fitness tracker. Choose simple replacement chargers or invest in a stand so your device is on display.

Carrying/storage cases

Protect your Fitbit, Garmin, or Samsung Gear from damage by storing it in a soft case when you’re not wearing it or while traveling. Not only will this keep it safe it also makes it easy to find if you’re prone to misplacing your tracker.

Screen Protector

Some screens are more durable than others. Don’t wait to find out if your device is among them: invest in an inexpensive screen protector to keep scratches and nicks at bay—it’s the ultimate fitness tracker accessory. Whether you just want some protective film to keep the face safe, or you need something to protect the bezel from hard knocks, there are many options that can keep your new toy safe and help it to last.

How can fitness tracker accessories add style to my device?

From chic fabric and to a jewelry or watch-style band, there are almost as many possibilities for a replacement or accessory band as there are users.

Need your fitness and activity tracker to look more like jewelry than a device for the gym? From leather straps, water and sweat-proof silicone bands, and many styles and of metal and mesh, there’s plenty of options for taking your tracker from the to tuxedo and tails.

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