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Keep Cool With a Floor Fan

What is a floor fan?

A floor fan is a type of fan that is usually placed on the floor to help cool a room at floor level. They are portable so they can be placed in a corner, out of the way, and moved from room to room if needed. And they don’t require installation like you’d need with a ceiling fan. They can also be used to cool outdoor areas, like a porch, balcony, or patio.

Most floor fans can oscillate, shifting from side to side to effectively cool a wider coverage area. They are ideal for cooling small, personal spaces, or rooms that can get stuffy. They can also be used to enhance the effectiveness of air conditioning. Rather than crank the AC, keep it low and use a floor fan to help better circulate the cool air throughout a room.

Types of Floor Fans

Floor fans come in all shapes and sizes, most commonly square or circular and there are many different types, including tabletop, pedestal, tower, and bladeless ones that use air multiplier technology to provide air through a ring-like hollow versus visible blades. Box fans can also be used as floor fans, either placed on an open window, or on the floor to help bring fresh air from the outside in.

They range in size from small, 7” personal fans up to larger 36” tower floor fans. Available in colours like black, white, or silver, they are usually made of metal/steel or premium plastic. Most larger floor fans operate from a DC motor, though some smaller ones might also plug in via USB or be battery-operated.

Floor Fan Features

Check the motor of the floor fan to ensure that it will effectively cool the room or area where you want to place it. There are high velocity floor fans that have high-speed motors for maximum air circulation. There are also industrial-grade floor fans that are better suited to small offices.

The best floor fans can oscillate. Look for one that also has a tiltable head and/or adjustable height so you can get cool air blowing in just the right spot. Some have different speeds, which is ideal if you need only a light breeze of air at night but more intense air circulation on particularly stuffy days. Some have timer features to shut off automatically after you’ve fallen asleep, for example. Some also come with handy remotes so you can control them from afar. A quiet floor fan is also ideal, especially if you want to run it at night.

If you have babies or toddlers at home, you might want to consider going bladeless to ensure they don’t stick their curious fingers inside where dangerous blades are spinning.

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