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FAQ About Front Load Laundry Pairs

As more and more families look to maximize space in their homes, front load laundry pairs are becoming increasingly popular. Whether it's in a condo, townhouse, or even conventional single-family home, front load washer and dryer pairs can offer stackability and this can be the difference between an entire room devoted to laundry or a mere closet. There are other advantages to front load pairs, so let's examine some common questions about these large appliances and see if they're right for you.

What are the advantages of front load washer dryer pairs?

Front load washer dryers are unique compared to their top-load brethren because of their windowed access door at the front of the unit, rather than the top. Not only does this give you a view of your clothing tumbling and twisting as they clean, but it allows for the combo to be stacked, thus saving you space. Front load washer dryers also tend to offer larger capacities, which mean bigger loads and less energy consumption. Not only will this save you time, but it can save you money on those monthly power bills.

What to consider before buying a front load washer dryer?

The most important information you need to ascertain before buying a front load washer dryer is the space configuration where you plan to put it in your home. Major appliances like these should always have dimensions -- width, height, and depth -- clearly labelled, so you can confirm you have enough space to fit them. Also, it's critical you know whether you are buying an electric or gas dryer and whether you have the proper compatibility in your home if it is gas.

What to look for in a stackable front load washer dryer pair?

As mentioned earlier, a stackable washer and dryer pair can be placed in a closet or other areas that aren't necessarily very far removed from your bedroom or living room. In this instance, better to find a pair that features noise reduction technology to avoid waking a sleeping child or disturbing you while digging into your favourite TV shows. And you'll always want to keep an eye out for the ENERGY STAR certification. This designation means the laundry pair uses reduced energy and less water, often between 35% and 50%.