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Use less water and save space with stackable front load washers.
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Upgrade your laundry room with a front load washer

Washing your clothes can be one of the biggest chores you take on every week. With a front load washer, you can make quick work of every load of laundry. Front load washers are space-saving, energy efficient, and have unique features designed to keep your clothes clean and fresh.

Front load washer vs top load washers

When you’re considering an upgrade in washing machine, one of your first considerations will be whether you choose a front load washer or a top load washer. With a front load washer, you load your clothes using a door on the front of the washing machine. A top load washing machine loads your clothes from a door on the top.

While it depends on your personal preference, you’ll find a few advantages to front load washers. This style of washer uses significantly less water than top load washers. Front loading washers also use less power to wash your clothes, so they are more energy efficient and can save you money on your power bill.

Save space with front loading washers

One of the best parts of having a front load washer is how you can save space in your laundry room. Front loading washers are stackable, so you can use a stacking kit to place your dryer on top of your washing machine. You’ll find stacking kits to use with a Samsung front load washer, Whirlpool front load washer, and more.

Features you’ll find on a front load washer

Depending on the brand you choose, you’ll find a variety of unique features on front load washers. A LG front load washer may offer smart features and a pedestal washer that lets you do two loads at once. One of the models of GE front load washer has steam cleaning, a stainless-steel drum, and can thoroughly clean a load of laundry in 40 minutes. There’s also models of Samsung front load washer, Maytag washer front load washer, and Whirlpool front load washer that offer multiple wash cycles, vibration reduction, and speed wash.

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