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Up Your Game With a Gaming Desk

One of the most overlooked (but effective) ways to improve your PC gaming experience is a gaming desk. Setting up your computer on a desk that’s been specifically designed with gaming in mind makes for a more comfortable gaming session, keeps everything neat and tidy and can actually give your gameplay an edge.

What Is a Gaming Desk?

Quite simply, a gaming computer desk is one that has been designed from the ground up for an optimized PC gaming experience. This is not a multi-purpose piece of furniture; every feature of a PC gaming desk has been carefully considered to ensure it reflects what gamers need.

How Does a Gaming Desk Differ From a Regular Office Desk?

Good gaming desks are easy to distinguish from a regular office desk or computer table. A typical computer desk is relatively compact, with a lots of drawers and storage space. It may have a riser to accommodate a gaming monitor. Construction usually features materials like natural finished woods that help the desk blend into office decor. A gaming desk is a very different animal ...

What Are the Features of a Gaming Desk?

The best gaming desk designs reflect the fact that gaming computers and their accessories take up a lot more space than the average PC. To accommodate mechanical keyboards and to provide plenty of room for mouse motion, gaming desks offer a large expanse of desktop space. They are almost a PC gaming table in this respect. This approach also provides the area needed to install multiple monitors, a setup preferred by many hardcore gamers. The space beneath the desk is typically clear of drawers, providing the room needed for large gaming towers. It is possible to find a corner gaming desk, but the wide, flat setup is much more common. Instead of natural wood, bright colours and accents that match gaming accessories are more popular.

Gaming PCs are reinforced so they can support all that equipment and provide the stability needed for intense gaming. Look for adjustability as well. Long gaming sessions mean ergonomics are very important for a gaming computer desk.

At the higher end, features start appearing that were previously found only on a custom gaming desk. Some of the best gaming desk models now offer options like integrated LED lighting, motorized height adjustment and a mouse-friendly surface over the entire desktop.

Take Your Setup to the Next Level With a Gaming Chair

A gaming desk offers a huge upgrade in PC gaming compared to using a standard office or computer desk, but you can take that experience to the next level by adding a gaming chair. Doing so completes the look of your gaming setup, these chairs are built for durability, and they also greatly improve ergonomics so you can enjoy your PC gaming in comfort.

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